New study reveals near-death experiences are 'other dimensions of reality'

According to a new study, near-death experiences are said to be about another dimension of reality.

study near death experience dimensions reality science
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study near death experience dimensions reality science

A young woman from Australia recalls her experience in a kind of limbo after suffering life-threatening injuries following a very serious car accident. Scientists are now wondering if what she experienced was a near-death experience or if it was something from another dimension entirely. Here is what they found.

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She suffered a serious accident

Rachel Toyer suffered a car accident at the time and lay seriously injured on the side of the highway in Sydney. But she claims she did not notice any of her injuries, she felt calm and peaceful.

A 'huge truck' hit Toyer's car before fleeing the scene. After the crash, the woman 'wandered along the busy road for about 20 meters' and finally collapsed, reported.

Toyer tells that the accident happened a long time ago. However, she remembers the experience vividly:

I was on my way home from a funeral when this huge truck crashed into my door. It spun my car three times and then pushed it against the highway wall. I remember getting out through the passenger window because the door wouldn't open. I was in a daze. I ran into [traffic], but no one stopped.

Toyer was convinced she was dead. She was firmly convinced of this because no one stopped for her and the 911 call seemed to have been a 'meaningless loop' phone call.

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What happened?

Because the young woman was so convinced she was dead, she ran 20 yards from her car and 'lay [herself] down in the gutter to go to heaven'. But instead of fear, Toyer said she felt peace:

I was not frightened. I remember being disappointed because I didn't have a baby yet, but I accepted that this must have been the reason - to prevent the baby from being without a mother. I felt so calm. It wasn't until my boyfriend at the time appeared on the scene that I realized I hadn't died.

One of the passing motorists eventually saw Toyer lying on the side of the road and called an ambulance. What the woman experienced was not a 'delusion or a dream', according to a new study, but it was 'a different dimension of reality'.

This is a near-death experience, 'such as many people have who are near death but manage to return to the mortal world'.

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New study

A new study on the topic of near-death experiences has now been published in the journal Resuscitation with 'groundbreaking results'. The study explores the brain waves and activity patterns of cardiac arrest patients who report their near-death experiences.

Using so-called electroencephalograms, a New York research team observed periods of heightened consciousness in 'dozens of patients, some of which occurred up to an hour after a heart attack'.

The team observed that a number of people who had heart attacks and were initially pronounced dead showed 'clear signs of extremely clear consciousness'.

Sam Parnia, an intensivist and professor at New York University's Langone Health Department of Medicine, explains:

Although doctors have long assumed that the brain would suffer permanent damage about 10 minutes after the heart stopped supplying it with oxygen, our work has shown that the brain can show signs of electrical recovery long after resuscitation.

Not all patients were successfully resuscitated. But those who came back to life reported various events. One patient recalled hearing his grandmother. She reportedly said 'You have to go back!'. Another reported seeing himself next to his lifeless body in the hospital.

It was observed that many patients reported a kind of 'floating moment' next to their own body. Another patient reported that he saw a tunnel of light and felt peaceful.

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A life-altering experience

The new study calls this in-between world a time 'between life and death', the 'new dimensions of reality'. In this context, the dimensions are shaped by people's experiences.

According to the study:

It seems to be people's deeper thoughts - all memories, thoughts, intentions and actions toward others from a moral and ethical perspective.

After such a result, a turnaround in the lives of those affected can be seen, it said.

Toyer saw her near-death experience as life-changing. She realized she wanted to become a mother and talked to her partner about it. However, her partner did not want children and so Toyer managed to fulfill her desire to have children with IVF treatment, only as a single mother.

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