Woman who had two near-death experiences reveals how she felt

This woman lived to tell what its like to experience being near-death not once, but twice.

Woman who had two near-death experiences reveals how she felt
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Woman who had two near-death experiences reveals how she felt

Although scientists have learnt a lot about near-death experiences, the actual sensation of what goes on in those moments still remain shrouded in mystery. People who have had such experiences have shared what they saw in the afterlife, and studying these crucial testimonies can help researchers understand more about what goes on when someone is about to die.

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As reported by Huff Post,a woman who did not have just one near-death experience, but narrowly escaped death twice shared what that felt like.

This woman lived to tell the tale twice

Deborah Prum writes forHuff Post, about her two two near-death experiences or NDEs, laying out what happened.

Her first NDE happened as she went into early labor with her oldest child, where she suffered from stroke-level blood pressure, low platelets, liver disfunction and seizure activity.

Brum's second near-death experience happened when she met with a near-fatal car accident Clark Van Der Beken

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She describes feeling likeshe was floating outside of her own body, looking down on herself laying in the hospital bed. She writes,

I found myself, or the essence of myself, floating in the corner of the labor room, near the ceiling, looking down on the scene, as I was rushed to the operating room and they tried to resuscitate me and save both me and my son. Weirdly, I felt no emotion.

After three days in coma, she luckily survived, though she continued to suffer from various health issues due to this incident.

Brum's second NDE happened when a SUV driver with no license ploughed through an intersection and crashed into the car she was seated in, at 40 miles an hour. Her husband, who's a physician and in the driver's seat, was protected by the car's airbag, while she lay unconscious beside him.

The second near-death experience

When he checked her vitals, he could't feel a pulse, or a heartbeat or any sign of life in her. As she lay almost-dead, she remembers feeling 'profoundly peaceful' and 'safe and at home.' Elaborating on it, she writes,

I seemed to be immersed in glowing yellow. I don’t know how to describe the sensation except that I felt as if I’d been dropped in a vat of pudding, but in a good way. I didn’t feel dead. If anything, I felt blissfully alive.

She could see the chaos of the crash around her. Then her next memory is of a middle-aged man 'in his 40s, curly hair with a receding hairline, button-down dress shirt and no tie,' opening the passenger door and telling her,

I’m going to release your seat belt, but I don’t want to move you unless the engine catches fire. I will stay with you until the ambulance arrives.

He held her hand and waited on her until the EMT arrived and took her away for medical attention. Curiously, her husband has no memory of any such man, and she could not find out definitely if someone like that exists.

Needless to say, these near-death experiences have left the writer perplexed, raising some profound questions about the nature of life, death and faith itself. She says,

I hesitate to draw any firm conclusions about my NDEs. I know that an experience in the past doesn’t guarantee how a future experience will transpire. However, I am reassured that I felt no emotional distress or physical pain either time.

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