This woman was declared dead for 24 minutes before coming back to life

Lauren Canaday is one of those rare people who have experienced a rebirth. She was declared dead by doctors, and 24 minutes later she came back to life.

woman was dead for 24 minutes
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woman was dead for 24 minutes

We all wonder: what comes after death? Absolute nothingnessfor some, a reckoning for others. But since the path between life and death seems to run in only one direction, these ideas remain confined to the stage of supposition. But one American woman claims to have the answer. Declared dead, she was able to see the afterlife and return.

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Sudden death

The experience of Lauren Canaday, an American from Virginia, in February 2023 is beyond comprehension. The young woman died for 24 minutes before coming back to life. Contrary to popular belief, she had no hallucinatory visions as she passed away. No luminous halo, no life flashing by.

The reason surely lies in the fact that her death, from cardiac arrest, was sudden. 'I have the feeling that my first life ended last February, and that since then, I've been living my second,' she said.

Life after death

This story, which flirts with the paranormal, nevertheless has an explanation, according to the medical profession. This rare event is known as the Lazarus phenomenon. It usually occurs after cardiac arrest. The victim presents signals that seem to point to death, until spontaneous activity resumes.

Although the American suffered memory loss and emotional confusion afterwards, there was no brain damage, as is sometimes the case. Now, the woman - who has written a book about her experience, Independence Ave - says she is no longer afraid of death.

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