This woman died and discovered how the antichrist corrupts people on Earth

This woman’s near-death experience is crazy - here’s what she saw in heaven.

This woman died and met the antichrist
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This woman died and met the antichrist

Death is a murky topic, and one that we all spend more time than we’d like thinking about. Many wonder whether there’s an afterlife, or whether your life really does flash before your eyes when you are dying. If you die naturally, the process actually starts around 2 weeks before you take your last breath. Some unfortunately die young, and a very small group pass to the other side and then come back again. These people are then able to share their stories about what they experienced in the other realm.

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Amy Willis is one such person. Having been taken to hospital in January, Amy was diagnosed with sepsis and underwent emergency surgery. Her body suffered septic shock and started to shut down. She went into cardiac arrest and was placed into an induced coma. During this time in hospital, tragically, Amy died. In the afterlife, she communicated with Jesus, experienced heaven and met the antichrist.

Amy spoke to Jesus

Amy explains at the beginning of her story, recounted to The Other Side NDE podcast, that she has a ‘very close personal relationship’ with Jesus. She explains that when she died, she immediately shot to heaven and she saw Jesus. They communicated through ‘knowing’ - no words had to be exchanged.

He knew what she was thinking and feeling - her arthritis pain disappeared, which had bothered her on Earth, and she felt light. Amy explains having a sense of self, whilst being completely connected to Jesus. She says you know that he is ‘happy you’re there’. She jokes:

This love and acceptance, it’s out of this world… That’s exactly what it was!

Amy explains that you leave all your earthly baggage behind you, and you step out of time as we know it. She says she ‘wanted to be there’, and experienced an enormous sense of ‘peace’.

What Amy experienced in heaven

Amy explains that ‘everything is a part of everything’ in heaven as angels and Jesus and you all seem to be connected through a ‘sound’ that you can hear in the background. She says she saw colours that surpass what we have words for on Earth, and everything had ‘almost a flowery scent’.

She compares the love she felt for her surrounding to what you feel when you get married or have children; she explains that she ‘misses’ this feeling now that she is back in this realm:

I long for the day I go back.

Jesus told Amy to look to her right, and she saw golden balls of light dancing in front of her. One of them moved towards her, and she felt her mother’s presence - who had also died of sepsis when Amy was a child. Amy was extremely excited to be reunited with her mother, who she saw just exactly as she looked in Amy’s favourite picture of her, taken when she was happy and healthy. She was devastated when Jesus explained it wasn’t her time yet, and she couldn’t stay.

Amy met the antichrist

Before Amy came back to life, Jesus said he needed to show her some things first. He insisted on people knowing that what he wants ‘is a personal relationship with everyone’. According to Amy, who quotes the bible in her story, Jesus knows your deepest secrets anyway and will forgive you: he wants you to come to him ‘as you are’.

After emphasising this, Jesus showed Amy ‘the spirit of what’s called ‘antichrist’’. Amy explains that this term is used for anything that goes against what Jesus wants; that being a personal relationship with everyone. Surprisingly, the antichrist appeared as a being, and had a similar glow to him as the others Amy had encountered in heaven. Yet, he was different.

She says she could tell she was evil: ‘he had a smirk on his face’. She describes his long white hair and demeanour, saying - somewhat bizarrely - that he looked like ‘the mean dad from Harry Potter’. She is referring to Lucius Malefoy, as she says they share that ‘smug, arrogant’ air.

She explains that he was breathing out notes of music, a bit like the exhalation of a smoker. As this stream fell towards Earth, it became a sidewalk that evil spirits started to use to walk towards our planet. Amy then witnessed churches pop up of all different kinds and understood that the antichrist was convincing schools of faith that you have to do certain things, and behave a certain way, to earn your entry to heaven.

Amy understood that this ‘breaks Jesus’ heart’ because it is not the truth. According to her, Jesus died for us all and loves us unconditionally.

Before she came back to life, she was surrounded by a city of gold and she had a ‘last dance’ with Jesus. He told her it was time to go back, despite her refusal, and he repeatedly spoke words to her that she didn’t understand. When back on Earth, she researched it, and discovered what he had been telling her: ‘amazing beginnings’.

Amy’s is just one of several stories told by people who suffered cardiac arrest and lived to tell the tale. This doctor, for example, studied over 5000 near-death experiences and concluded that ‘there’s certainly an afterlife’.

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Woman who died and came back to life reveals our purpose on Earth Woman who died and came back to life reveals our purpose on Earth