The crazy story behind this man's presumed death will have you speechless

Stories about people coming back to life are all the rage in October as people get spooky for Halloween. This story is nothing like you’ve heard before.

Presumed dead death
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Presumed dead death

This story comes straight from New Zealand. Though the country is known for being the set of Lord of the Ring, this family's tale may be just as thrilling.

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The shocking and truly baffling story was told by LadBible. It speaks of a family feud where sisters took things too far in order to get back at their parents. And yes, it involves a fake death.

A story told on the radio

A man named Callum called a radio station, ZM Radio, and told the craziest story. According to him, his sisters had their parents believe that he had passed away just to win an argument. He explained on the show:

My sisters were in a bit of a tiff with my parents at the time and they weren't really getting along.
I was living in Wellington while they were in Christchurch. My older sister actually called my parents up and told them that I had died.

The sisters didn’t stop there. Callum also explained that his sisters told his parents that his girlfriend’s parents didn’t want them to come to the funeral. This resulted in Callum’s parents thinking he was dead for six whole months.

The hosts of the radio show were a bit sceptical and asked Callum why he hadn’t spoken to his parents for several months. The man answered:

I was just busy with life and work and then I was like wait - I haven't heard from my parents in a while, I wonder what's going on?
And I gave them a call up and my mum and dad are like 'you're alive?'
My mum was absolutely in tears and my dad was just kind of gobsmacked - he was just like 'what the f**k is going on?'

The sisters pushed the story to a gorry place

If so far you think the story is bad, brace yourself. It gets worse. In his exchange on the radio show, Callum added that his sisters didn’t just say he died but that he was murdered.

If we believe Callum, his sisters told his parents that he was stabbed. A lie that, unfortunately for his parents, was believable. He explains:

I was not in some gangs but I will say, at the point in time, it wouldn't have been unpeculiar for me to get stabbed

When they heard the news, Callum’s parents didn’t have much to go on. Callum tells how for months they just tried to gather information but to no avail which led them to simply accept the fact that their son had been killed.

They were kinda like running around calling our other family seeing if they had heard anything, from what I was told
Then they didn't really know anything to go off so my parents just kind of presumed 'yeah he died'.

We don’t know if this incident led to anymore family issues but one thing is for sure, there are other ways to settle an argument with your parents.

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