Girl who died in a car crash came back to life with the answer behind déjà vu

This woman was in a terrible accident when she was younger, but her near-death experience taught her a lot.

Near death experience déjà vu
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Near death experience déjà vu

Humans are obsessed with the idea of death. As soon as we start to feel old-age kicking in, we try to fight against it with hacks for staying young and living as long as possible. Ironically, advice from people who have lived to over 100 years is often simple: enjoy yourself. However, not everyone gets to meet death with the grace and acceptance of someone who has lived a full life. Sometimes, death comes for us earlier than expected.

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That’s what happened to Sharon Green, who was in a car accident with her family. Tragically, the family was driving back from Sharon’s great grandmother’s funeral and Sharon’s mother fell asleep behind the wheel. Sharon was eight when she, albeit briefly, died in the ensuing crash. She has told her story and explained what she discovered when she left this realm, and how that has shaped her life today.

How Sharon died and what she saw in ‘the in between’

When Sharon’s mum fell asleep, the family’s minivan crashed and flipped over. Sharon experienced the next moments as if they were a dream: she left her body and saw the ground where the accident had happened. She could see her mum, sitting on a hill, and her father as he searched for Sharon’s sisters.

When Sharon turned away from them, she was faced with a ‘dark space’. She explains that she calls this ‘the in between’, and although it was dark it wasn’t ‘heavy’ or ‘scary’:

I felt a presence there, it was very much like a guide. I saw a light.

She was asked whether she wanted to go back; it was at that moment she realised:

I am not my human form.

She explained that she reasoned with herself: if there was an option to go back, there must be other options too. So, she started negotiating with the beings she felt around her - of which there were at least three.

What Sharon discovered in ‘the in between’

Sharon told them:

Well, if I’m going to go back then I’m going to need these things: I need guides, and angels, and protection and guidance in the right direction.

She decided to go back, but she demanded that her psychic abilities be accessible for her ‘at the right time and the right place’ when she returned to her human form. She also asked for ‘complete recall’ and explained that, to her, this is the feeling that most people call déjà vu. For her, this sensation helps her to go in the right direction - whether it comes before, during or after a certain situation. For Sharon:

That’s what déjà vu is: a sense of knowing that I’m in the right place at the right time and doing the right things.

According to Sharon, the beings accepted these demands and said she was going to have all that she has asked for anyway as it was ‘a matter of freewill’.

How Sharon’s experience has shaped her life

The beings told Sharon that when she went back to her human form, she had to continue to have hope and patience. They reassured her that she would be ‘divinely guided’ through life on Earth. Sharon squeezed her eyes shut, likening the action to what you do when you are terrified on an amusement park ride, and woke up in a thorn bush. She only had a few scratches, but since then her life has changed dramatically.

She stated that she has had several out-of-body or spiritual experiences since this traumatic moment at eight years old. However, it has shaped her life for the better. That being said, she explained that she hasn’t stepped into her life’s purpose easily as there is a lot of lasting trauma surrounding the incident.

What I’ve understood about this life is that no matter what we’re doing or what we desire, none of it’s going to become dharma (reality) unless we learn to let go.

She explained that letting go is one of the hardest but most important things to work on in life. According to Sharon, this allows you to remain open minded and help others. Her near-death experience taught her that she is her ‘own creator’:

I create my obstacles as well as my achievements.

Sharon recently discovered that she is also on the spectrum, which she has found gives her another layer to her experience. She told her full story on The Other Side NDE podcast, if you are interested in hearing more about her life.

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Woman who died and came back to life reveals our purpose on Earth Woman who died and came back to life reveals our purpose on Earth