This woman died when her car was crushed, she claims she visited Heaven

Valerie Paters was in a terrible car accident in 2000. She had a near-death experience, and came back from the afterlife to share it with others.

woman died met Jesus
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woman died met Jesus

Dying is something that we all know will come to us, but it’s not something that we expect to experience more than once. However, there are a handful of people alive today who have gone through near-death experiences and come out the other side, ready to share their tale with the rest of us.

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We recently shared the story of a man who died three times when he was eight. Now, we’ll share another story through the same Christian YouTube channel The 700 Club. This is what happened to Valerie when she died.

Valerie's death

In March 2000, Valerie’s car was crushed in a road accident involving a semi-truck. When medics arrived, they found and retrieved Valerie’s unconscious body from the wreckage. They rushed her to hospital, but given her condition, they didn’t expect her to survive.

Her sister Cheryl remembers receiving the call that changed her life forever: she learnt of her sister’s terrible accident. Cheryl explained that she immediately opened a line of communication with God, asking him how she should pray to protect her sister. However, the doctors working on Valerie gave Cheryl and the rest of the family a very grim verdict. Valerie was showing ‘no brain activity’ and they were very doubtful that she would pull through. She was on life support to keep her organs functioning. As Cheryl gathered their family and friends together to pray, unbeknown to her, Valerie was already in Heaven.

Valerie visited Heaven

Valerie, like many others who say they have witnessed the afterlife, described seeing a ‘light’ when she died. She says she stepped into heaven and was ‘blinded by the light of His presence’. Despite having been a Christian her whole life, Valerie admits that she always doubted in her heart of hearts that she was ‘worth of his love’. However, in Heaven, everything changed. She explained:

I felt all this emotion that He had for me.
I felt like I was home… like I finally stepped into where I belong…I was home.

As for her flaws, she said Jesus didn’t even notice them. She explained that not only was she in love with him, but he was with her too. Although Valerie felt like she was in the afterlife for a million years, it had actually only been days. Jesus explained to her that her ‘purpose’ was on Earth, and urged her to go back.

Valerie came back to life

In the hospital, Cheryl remembers a doctor flashing a light into Valerie’s eyes and telling her to get ready for her sister’s return to life. Then, that’s exactly what happened - Valerie came back to life. Her recovery was miraculous, and two months after the accident she walked out of the hospital with no brain damage and a whole new perspective.

Cheryl and Valerie are now ‘amazed and thankful’ for the experience. They are convinced that it was the ‘power of prayer’ that brought her back to life.

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Man died three times when he was 8 and claims he saw his father: 'I saw him in heaven' Man died three times when he was 8 and claims he saw his father: 'I saw him in heaven'