Woman who died of heatstroke for 3 minutes reveals what she experienced

One American woman's heart stopped for several minutes after she suffered from a heatstroke. She told the Daily Mail about her death experience.

Woman claims to have died of heatstroke for three minutes
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Woman claims to have died of heatstroke for three minutes

What happens when we die? This is the question that has obsessed mankind since... well, the beginning of time. Everyone has their own answer or belief, with some people choosing a religious outlook, and others focusing on philosophical or scientific observations. However, nobody knows the absolute truth of what happens to our bodies and minds when our hearts stop beating.

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Actually, nobody may not be the right word. Indeed, several people have recounted their near-death experiencesover time, therefore giving us an insight into their vision of the so-called 'afterlife'. This is also the case for Jade, from Wisconsin, who suffered a life-threatening accident in 2011 which left her legally dead for 3 minutes.

Jade suffered from a heatstroke

The woman who calls herself Jade on social media claims to have been pronounced dead for three long minutes. The story takes place in 2011, when she was visiting a friend.

That day, it was a very hot 32°C, and after staying in the sun, Jade began to feel ill. She recounts feeling like her body was shrinking because of the heat.

That was the moment I knew I was about to pass away.

Indeed, shortly afterwards, everything went dark. The Daily Mail states:

Before collapsing onto a sofa, she felt nauseous, dizzy and had a dry mouth — tell-tale signs of heat stroke, a life-threatening complication of overheating.

Common in the summer, heatstrokes can knock a person unconscious, and in some cases can even be fatal. Jade, who suffers from a rare heart condition, was clinically dead when she collapsed. Temporarily, at least.

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Jade felt her head swelling but her body shrinking

While lying on the sofa, Jade felt strange sensations. She testifies:

My head felt like it was inflating, yet my entire body as if it was shrinking. I had never known anything like it before.
It made me completely OK with dying because I wanted to sleep forever.

Urgently rushed to hospital, Jade was pronounced clinically dead: her heart had stopped beating 3 minutes before her arrival. But thanks to a defibrillator, the doctors managed to revive her. After several days' convalescence, Jade was able to return home, with no after-effects, but with an incredible story to tell.

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