Woman reveals what she learned after plant nearly killed her: 'There is actually a deeper lesson'

Sarah Snow died and came back to life after suffocating on a highly toxic plant. She reveals what she found out about our purpose on Earth while she was 'on the other side'.

woman died came back life suffocating saw felt other side NDE
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woman died came back life suffocating saw felt other side NDE

As humans, we are ravenous for information about what happens after we die, in the hope it would make the experience less terrifying. That is why when someone speaks up about their near-death experience, i.e. the closest we can get to the truth, we eat it up.

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Today we are focusing on a young woman called Sarah Snow, who died and came back to life after suffocating because of an extremely toxic plant. Here's what happened.

Sarah Snow suffocated to death at the age of 29

In 2019, Sarah Snow had everything to be happy: a stable job, a home, a partner, and yet she felt an incredible 'void' inside her and started to feel ill, physically and mentally. But she moved on to working with plants as a way to reconnect with nature and herself, which is where she came into contact with a very poisonous plant called water hemlock.

Speaking to The Other Side NDE podcast, she explains that she does not know any other survivors from water hemlock poisoning. The plant caused her body to go numb and attacked her nervous system, before actually suffocating her to death. She fell into a coma and remained in the hospital for four days.

Like this man who was in a coma for 10 days, in the hospital, Sarah 'left her physical body' and floated above herself, looking down as the nurses trying to revive her. Once she let go of her fear of death, Sarah explains she felt total peace. She was shown the faces of all the people who ever loved her, and would love her in the future.

What she learned from 'the other side'

According to Sarah, near-death experiences or accidents are actually lessons from God about the preciousness of life. She's not the first NDE survivor who has had a similar biblical message.

She told the podcast:

God is actually showing us what we need to learn in this life, about life and love itself, through these experiences with death or accidents, diseases, illnesses, or pain. There is actually a deeper lesson behind all of those things, that is trying to actually wake us up.

However, Sarah now sees this horrendous experience as a blessing, as she explains:

But, in all aspects, it was a blessing because I realized, from the other side of it, what life really is and that we actually don't die.

She now feels peaceful and 'full of love', which she is determined to share, as well as her experience.

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