Boob quiz: What the shape of your breasts reveal about your health

As you age, it is important to check your breasts regularly for any changes, experts advise.

Boob quiz: What the shape of your breasts reveal about your health
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Boob quiz: What the shape of your breasts reveal about your health

Apart from ruling out breast cancer, it is important to familiarize yourself with your breasts as they can reveal so much about your health, experts say. This is because when you know how your breasts are shaped, you can easily tell if there’s any change, an article published in The Sun says. As you go through these three breast shapes, keep in mind that they can be determined by weight, physical activity, age, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

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These round-shaped breasts are fuller at the bottom with a narrower top. It’s a favourite among women who have breast enhancement surgeries because it looks firm and full. The Sun article said constant slouching can have an effect on even this breast shape as gravitational pull will accelerate the problem of breast sagging.

Round breast

According to Glamorise, round breasts have an equal amount of fullness at the top and bottom. If you are one of the people with this breast type you are more likely to have a larger mammary gland which can cause a lot of health problems such as back and neck pain. The Sun cited a study’s findings as suggesting that:

Breast-related shoulder-neck pain is thought to result from changes in the centre of gravity, and large or heavy breasts may lead to continuous tension on the middle and lower fibres of the trapezius muscle and on associated muscle groups.
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Bell shape

Bell shaped breasts are rounder at the bottom and could cause a rash, experts at the Buglino Plastic Surgery say.

Your breasts will rub against the skin on your abdomen, causing friction, moisture and heat. A sweat rash known as intertrigo, an infection caused by a yeast condition, will form. It will appear in the skin fold as red or reddish-brown, raw and itchy, cracked, and sore.

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