Scientists reveal potatoes are actually great for your health, here's why

Potatoes often end up on our plates. But does eating them also cause us to put on weight? Here is the truth.

scientists study potatoes health beneficial
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scientists study potatoes health beneficial

Whether as jacket potatoes, baked potatoes, mashed, gratin, chips... Potatoes offer a wide range of preparation options. But are they really healthy?

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Fat tuber? No way!

However, many people avoid the tuber because they think it makes them fat. However, the NDR has debunked this as a potato myth. It has just 70 calories per 100 grams. By comparison, spaghetti has 160 calories per gram.

According to, the popular potato also has lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, as EatSmarter writes - but almost no fat.

This only happens when they are processed into tasty chips, potato chips, fried potatoes or in salads with mayonnaise. And admittedly, they often end up on the plate in these recipes. After all, fat is a flavour carrier.

It also works without

For a low-calorie version, it is best to only boil the potato. This method of preparation stimulates the digestive system thanks to the fiber and ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety due to the slowly digestible carbohydrates.

In the low-carb scene, the potato gets its fat off, because the carbohydrates it contains in the form of starch make it a vegetable with a high glycemic index.

According to EatSmarter, the resistant potato starch 'is not broken down, but is fully absorbed by the body and becomes a source of nutrients for beneficial intestinal bacteria in the gut'. It also reduces insulin resistance and therefore blood sugar control, which can be particularly useful for diabetics.

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