Study reveals the surprising link between your clothes and certain diseases

What if your favourite sweater was the cause of all your ailments? It's hard to believe, but one study supports this surprising idea.

study link clothes diseases health
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study link clothes diseases health

Obviously, it's not just looks that kill, it's clothes too. That's what a slightly more nuanced study maintains. It states that, although certain ailments are the sign of a pathology that can sometimes be serious, they can also find their explanation in our wardrobe. Here's how it works.

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The link between your clothes and diseases

Sudden itching, repeated dizziness, worrying numbness - everything suggests that you've caught the virus of the moment; worse still, that you're developing a serious illness. Not necessarily, according to this Harvard University study. Unlikely as it may seem, the explanation could lie in your clothes.

Health problems in question

Bisphenol A, per- and polyfluoroalkylated substances... Numerous chemical agents are used in the composition or treatment of the textiles we wear. The persistence of these substances in nature and in the body can cause multiple health problems: lesions, thyroid disease, fertility problems and even cancer. In the news, there are numerous examples of people 'sickened by their clothes'.

And then there are the worries that can be caused by the way they're worn. This is the case, for example, of Abbey Clancy, a 38-year-old British woman. Her legs were chronically numb, and she was convinced she was suffering from sclerosis. A doctor informed her that this was not the case. The problem was due to the too-tight skinny jeans she constantly wore.

Killer clothes

Researchers have identified several ailments that can result from the way we wear our clothes:

- tie: too tight, it prevents good blood flow to the brain;

- high heels: they accentuate back pain;

- bras: too small and can cause inflammation of the ribs;

- padded clothing: down can exacerbate asthma due to the presence of dust mites;

- skinny clothing: causes dizziness and poor circulation.

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