How long does an erection usually last? Experts answer, and it's surprising

Many men have asked themselves, 'What is the average duration of an erection?' Scientists now have an answer for you!

erection long last scientists doctors sexual health
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erection long last scientists doctors sexual health

It's one of the most common anxieties of young men when they first have sex: the fear of not being able to hold an erection. But how does it work in the genital tract and, above all, how long does it last on average? Here's everything you need to know.

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What is an erection?

The erection, the fact that your penis becomes rigid, is the result of a particular mechanism. After a stimulus, whether physical, such as masturbation, or mental, such as imagining what might excite you, like your partner, the penis swells with blood.

It increases the size of your penis. Rigidity of the reproductive member occurs when swelling is at its maximum. The foreskin is then retracted and intercourse can begin. The last phase of erection is called detumescence, when the penis is put to rest. The penis returns to its normal shape and size. Depending on age and physical condition, the erectile process can begin again.

How long does an erection last?

An erection, i.e. a rigid penis in the sexual activity phase, has no precise duration. It usually lasts as long as intercourse. And since pleasure varies from person to person, some men can have an erection that lasts anywhere from a few minutes to almost an hour.

The erection also depends on the man's physical condition. It can dissipate before the final phase, ejaculation, depending on your lifestyle: alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise... With age, it can also happen that the erection is less rigid or lasts less than before because the blood flow is lower. But rest assured, not all men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and if they do, there are solutions.

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