Here are 5 tips you can try in bed if you have a small penis

The size of the penis is a major concern for many men, even though it does not really matter. But here are some tips for those who think theirs is too small.

Use these tips in bed if you have a small penis
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Use these tips in bed if you have a small penis

Sex is an act of pleasure that is meant to make us feel good. However, oftentimes men are undermined in their sexual abilities due to the size of their penis. Although the size of the penis does not define the sexual prowess of a man, it does leave many insecure due to several social norms. But as the phrase suggests ‘it doesn’t matter how big it is, it only matters what you do with it’ so here are some tips to spice up the bedroom action.

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It isn't just about the sex

Sex is not just about penetration. It has a lot of steps before the final move and all of them are immensely enjoyable for both participants. Jumping to sex is not wrong, however other elements like foreplay make things much more exciting. The slow build-up of intimacy with your partner exhilarates the senses and makes the whole experience even more sensual.

Foreplay make things much more exciting Vincent Besnault

Fingers are another key element in this process. If you think you are lacking in the groin apart, use your fingers to bring your partners to the heights of pleasure. Moreover, you have full control and fingers can reach some places that the penis can’t.

Explore new positions

Sex is not just limited to plain old vanilla-missionary positions, there are so many positions that can amplify your pleasure. Do not hesitate to explore different positions and figure out what works for you. There are plenty of positions that can leave your partner filled with ecstasy, without the issue of penis size. Carrie Weismann, editor of Fatherly advises:

After some bumping and grinding, the woman should try to lower her legs onto the bed. The man can then place his knees on either side of her body

Doggy style is a popular choice for many. One of the best ways to increase pleasure is to ask your partner to spread their knees as far apart as possible to facilitate penetration. It increases the sensation tenfold and the size of the penis is not an issue

Other types of penetration

Explore sex toys Laia Divols Escude / EyeEm

While vaginal penetration, is mostly, the first choice while performing sex, it is, however not the only option. Anal sex is one of the rarer options couples can explore. Although not common among straight couples, it can bring you to the heights of passion if done right. It is difficult to penetrate with a large phallus, but with a small one, it is relatively manageable.

There are also many toys you can play with. Nowadays some sex toys can even increase the size of the penis temporarily. Toys like cock-rings, penis harnesses, and penis extensions can be used if you feel comfortable.

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