Tried and tested natural aphrodisiacs that will amp up your sex drive

Ditch the oysters and chocolate! These foods will do much more for your sex drive than they ever did.

Tried and Tested Natural Aphrodisiacs
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Tried and Tested Natural Aphrodisiacs

We’ve all heard of erotic foods that apparently do wonders under the sheets, but that claim has barely any scientific backing. In 2015, a group of scientists set out to explore the world of natural aphrodisiacs. Thanks to them, we now know what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, out of the 50 foods they tested, only a handful had positive results—and no, none of them are oysters, chocolates, or strawberries. In reality, you might be better off using viagra.

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Natural aphrodisiacs

But, if you’re hell bent on going natural with your aphrodisiacs,your best shot would be to tryginseng.

Ginseng in general has been known to be great for erectile dysfunction, but red ginseng in particular apparently increases the libidoofmenopausal women. This ingredient has been given a thumbs up by the scientific community. Just be weary because ginseng is also known to cause insomnia—but in this case, that actually might work in your favour.

For those of you who have no idea where to find ginseng, try your hand at fenugreek. Another small study conducted in 2015 found that men who took 600 grams of fenugreek per week, experienced heightened sexual arousal, and they had more orgasms! Women who also took the same amount had an increased sexual desire and arousal by the end of the 8-week study.

There are very few foods that are directly linked to sexual arousal, but some people do testify to getting sexually stimulated when they eat popular 'erotic' foods. Why is that?

It’s because of the placebo effect

When in conversation with BBC Future, Michael Krychman, obstetrician, gynaecologist, and clinical sexual counsellor, said it works for some people because they simply think that it will work. He said:

Oysters have limited evidence of having an effect on sexual desire, but a rigorous trial [proving that effect] is lacking – partly because the placebo effect is so big.

That just goes to show that anything can beerotic, all you have to do is believe.

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