This is what your sex dreams are trying to tell you

We all are guilty of having sex dreams which may even be labelled as inappropriate. But guess what? No dream is inappropriate if you can decipher it.

Sex Dreams: What do they mean?
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Sex Dreams: What do they mean?

Sex dreams is one of the most common kinds of dreams people experience. If you are not in love with the person in the dream, it’s time to dig a little deeper. They may actually be dreams or nightmares depending on who has featured in them, but either way, they are trying to tell you something that you may have been ignoring in real life.

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No, you don’t need to re-evaluate your relationship with the star of the sex dream but there’s definitely something to look for in it. Here’s how to figure out what your sex dreams mean based on who features in them, Happy Dreaming! (Or not!)

Dream cheating

Cheating on your partner or getting cheated on are the most common type of sex dreams. According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst, cheating dreams are not something to be scared of as they are merely trying to tell you something. So, a dream where you are cheating on your significant other doesn’t mean that you will.

It is simply a sign for you to look at your sex life with your partner, as there may be something missing from it. Meanwhile, your partner cheating on you shows that you are insecure about the relationship and it’s time to have a conversation with your partner.

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Sex with a co-worker or boss

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No, it doesn’t mean you are in love with them unless you are (you’ll know it). Dr Nancy Irwin, a licensed clinical psychologist, told Bustle that dreaming about your co-worker or boss is just your mind’s way of releasing the feeling of temptation. More often than not, it has more to do with their personality and qualities than your feelings for them.

For instance, sex with a boss is your mind’s way of telling you that you want to incorporate their qualities. Sex with a co-worker can easily be for their personality or the fact that you spend 40 hours a week with them in the office.

Sex with a friend

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Have you ever spent time with a platonic friend and then had some rather unexpected sexy dreams about them when you hit the hay? You are not the only one to have such sex dreams. You may even dream about a gender that is not of your sexual orientation, so what does that mean?

It basically means that you have connected with them on a deeper level than you realise. Meaning, it isn’t love, it’s just your mind’s way of telling you about the newfound intimacy of the relationship with them on an emotional or psychological level.

Platonic sleeping partners, a new relationship model Platonic sleeping partners, a new relationship model