4 Sex hacks you need to try right now

Want to take bedroom action onto a new level? It's time to try sex hacks you didn’t know you needed!

4 Sex hacks you need to try right now
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4 Sex hacks you need to try right now

Yeah, sex is great, but a recent study has found out that most of us are having less sex. Wonder, why? Because of the same old patterns that we follow day-in and day-out!! And while there’s nothing wrong with following what works the best for you, there are tips and tricks that can make sex far better and more enjoyable. Here are 4 sex hacks you need to try right now:

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Go solo

We all have our own go-to masturbation techniques, don’t we? Well, it’s time to upgrade them. Touching yourself is essential, not only to know your own body better but to also know what turns you on better. Deviate from your regular touching yourself a routine and try out new ways. And while you do that, let your partner watch. This would give them a better insight into understanding what gets you going on.

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Stop being spontaneous

One would think spontaneity is the best but is it really? Imagine a scenario where you just hop on your lover spontaneously and they turn you down because they have to work or they’re not in the mood. Ouch, right? No one likes to listen to a no and it happens more than you think. Being spontaneous makes for great sex, but real life can spoil the moment. Instead, plan out days that work the best for you both with a hint of random sessions in between.

Prioritise sex

This has to be the most essential sex hack, that many people ignore. Let’s say you’ve a pile of laundry to do and sex, what would you choose? Most people who have been in long-term relationships would opt to finish out their chores before hopping into bed with their partners. However, that’s what you’re doing wrong. According to The Sun, Psychologist Dr John Gottman’s research found that couples who put sex before chores have better sex lives. Whereas couples who treat sex as an optional extra when they have time from daily chores have inadequate sex.

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Lead up to the main deal

While the main event is what we all go for and what is probably the star of the show. But the excitement and build-up to the main event can be as exciting as it. Try techniques to spice up the foreplay as much as the main act. For instance, making intense eye contact produces the love chemical phenylethylamine which can increase sensations of pleasure too. Be as touchy with your partner as possible before getting into it. Kissing and dirty talk are also some ways that can make the drumroll towards the final act as exciting as the conclusive act.

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