Here's why sex is ideal after an argument

Sex can have certain virtues and be very useful during arguments.

make up sex argument
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make up sex argument

You may not know it, but you've got a lethal weapon that not only makes you feel good but can also solve your household problems.

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Although...certain scenes have certainly demonstrated what we're going to reveal to you today.

Sex after an argument is ideal, according to the media outlet Shoko for several reasons.

Why should we make love after an argument?

The erotic world is full of trends and tricks to make you feel good, anywhere, anytime to your heart's content. However, in certain situations, we tend to think that sex isn't a good idea, especially when we're arguing. And yet it seems to have many advantages.

Let's face it, in a relationship, there are often ups and downs. Arguing is normal, unless it's too recurrent, and especially if it involves violence.

In any case, thanks to sex, we can get positive things out of these arguments, such as:

  • Forgetting that you were fighting

You probably won't believe it, but during your lovemaking, you'll soon forget that you were arguing just moments before. Everything is in place to make you forget. As the sexual tension builds to a crescendo, you take off your clothes one by one, and then the magic happens. You're skin-to-skin and sexually involved.

  • Releasing anger in a positive way

You're angry, but you're making love, so what? You can use your anger and energy to spice up your intimate moment and make it more 'caliente' aka hot.

  • Playing the situation

You can use the reason for your argument for a little erotic game.

  • Merging with your partner

Making love after an argument also allows you to reconnect with your partner and realize that, in the end, the argument has passed you by.

  • Dialog again, in a whole new way

It's a well-known fact that tongues are easily loosened. So it's a good idea to take advantage of an intimate moment that has relaxed you to finally set the record straight and take the time to communicate.

  • A carnal apology

We tend to forget it, but when we argue, it's time to apologize. And what better way to apologize than by making love, right? It's the most beautiful way of all!

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