The 3 sex positions that 18-34 year-olds can't get enough of

What sexual positions do 18-34 year-olds love most? Condom brand SKYN surveyed 3,000 men and women to find out.

most popular sex positions 18-34 year-olds
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most popular sex positions 18-34 year-olds

Millennials may be having less sex, mainly because of our virtually connected world, but some die-hards haven't given up their passion for lovemaking. The SKYN condom brand wondered which sexual positions were favoured by young people. The company surveyed over 3,000 sexually active men and women to get to the bottom of this important question.

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According to their answers, three sexual positions are popular with young people aged between 18 and 34. Unsurprisingly, these three positions are pretty tame because - let's face it - we're not all acrobats and it takes a certain amount of athleticism to do the wheelbarrow every time we fancy some action.

Doggy style is a go-to

It's a position that doesn't require much physical effort, unlike the hammock, and gives the penetrator an unobstructed view of your buttocks. It's also a position where your gaze doesn't cross, so you can express your pleasure as you please without worrying about looking sexy.

Missionary, a classic position

Here, it's the penetrator that does most of the work, although you can put a spin on this position. First, place a pillow under your pelvis, which will increase sensations and therefore pleasure. Next, you can try coital alignment: the man positions himself a few centimetres higher, so that the base of his penis rubs against his partner's clitoris.

Cowgirl for girls on top

It's a bit like missionary in reverse. The woman is on top and leads the dance. She manages the angle of penetration and sets the pace. This position also redistributes the dominant-dominated cards. Here, the woman is in control.

If you like this position but are looking for a variation, you can try reverse cowgirl. To do it, the woman hops on top of the man but facing the other way so he can enjoy a view of her bum and back as she controls the rhythm of their lovemaking. To spice things up even more, the woman can try twisting round to hold eye contact with her partner as the fun continues.

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