Women over 50 insist sex only gets better with age

It seems that life isn’t all downhill after passing the middle age marker, as half of those over 50 believe that sex only gets better with age.

Women over 50 insist sex only gets better with age
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Women over 50 insist sex only gets better with age

As we get older, we often look back on our past, and whether it be five or fifteen years ago, one of the thoughts that will inevitably pop into your head is ‘what on earth was I thinking?’

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If only we could talk to our future selves, we may have saved ourselves the pain of sticking with that awful job, missing a once in a lifetime opportunity, or staying with that ex (you know the one).

But, while we may be able to learn from our mistakes, we can also learn from the wisdom of others, which is why women’s health company Organon surveyed 1,500 women, asking them if there were any life tips they’d pass on to the rest of us.

Among the advice, younger women were encouraged to appreciate the smaller things in life, only marry for love, trust their gut, travel as much as possible and ensure their own financial independence.

However, one piece of advice has stuck out amongst the rest - more than half of women over 50 agreed that sex only gets better with age.

The study also revealed 27% of participants described losing their sex drive during menopause as a ‘complete myth’.

Why does sex get better with age?

You’d think that the inevitable joint pains and other health problems that come with age would make sex a much less appealing activity. However, romps between the sheets aren’t a sport reserved for the young. In fact, a study of older, sexually active women published in 2012 also found that ‘the majority of the sexually active women, 67.1%, achieved orgasm most of the time or always.’

The reason for this comes down to two things: experience and confidence.

Sex in your 20s often tends to be focused on experimentation. While fumbling about between the sheets may sometimes feel a bit awkward now, by the time you’ve reached your 40s, 50s and 60s, you’ll be more than confident with your sexual preferences and know exactly which positions will get you to the end goal. You may even be more open to more adventures in the bedroom.

Not to mention, our communication skills also develop with age, meaning there won’t be any fluffing about when telling your partner what does and doesn’t feel good.

Older women tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives

The 2012 study also found that regardless of sexual activity, 61% of women in the survey admitted they were totally satisfied with their sex lives, with over half of those over 80 reporting sexual satisfaction either always or almost always.

The study also found that not only were older women more sexually satisfied but those who were recently sexually active experienced orgasm rates similar to women in their younger years. The lead author of the paper, Dr Susan Trompeter, explained:

In this study, sexual activity was not always necessary for sexual satisfaction. Those who were not sexually active may have achieved sexual satisfaction through touching, caressing, or other intimacies developed over the course of a long relationship.
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