Are we having sex often enough?

Human sexuality is an evolving field that raises a lot of questions, no matter what age we are. It seems that the question of how often we have sex is at the centre of this debate. But is this really an important question? Allow us to explain the origin of this phenomenon.

Are we having sex often enough?
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Are we having sex often enough?

One of the questions that often comes up when we talk about sex is how many times we should be sexually active in a week. This is the type of question that makes us think about our own sex lives and forces us to compare ourselves with others is related to sexuality in the media.

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This idea of sex in the media includes all the statistics, data, and studies about sex that you hear about on TV, see on social media or read about in magazines.

Sex in the media is all around us and makes us compare ourselves with others but sex ‘is not something you copy-paste,’ as sex therapist Alain Héril said so well. Instead, it is something that each person has to figure out for themselves.

What do the stats say?

According to a poll conducted in 2018, most people have sex 2 to 3 times a week; many studies conducted on this subject provide the same figures. But when faced with these numbers, we have the unfortunate tendency to immediately compare our personal experiences with those of everyone else.

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Sexuality is not something fixed

A person's sex life is something that is constantly changing. At the beginning of a relationship, discovering the other person's body is a novelty, and generally, we have more sexual intercourse at this stage.

BUT, the more the relationship is established, the BETTER the sex is. This is because we know more about our own body and that of the other at this point, and we also know more about what pleases us sexually.

The different stages of a person's life can also have an impact on the frequency of sex: marriage, the birth of a child, age, stress, illness, and the number of years spent together can all play a role. The body considers all of these factors and they do ultimately have consequences on how often you have sex.

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