Here's How Your Bedroom Affects Your Sex Life

The environment you live in has an impact on your sex life. And that can be a good or bad thing. Read on to find out more!

Bedroom Affects Your Sex Life
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Bedroom Affects Your Sex Life

"My place or yours?" This question always comes up, and sometimes, one of the partners will avoid having the other person over at all costs, because they know that their room or apartment is a mess.

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Sex therapist Vanessa Marin, who is very active onFacebook, broached the subject: Does my bedroom affect my sex life?

The short answer is "yes." The environment in which sexual relations take place is very important, and neither extreme is good. If your apartment looks like an IKEA mock apartment, your partner may be uncomfortable and worry about moving your cushions ​​to lie on the couch.

Conversely, an environment that screams "careless" might make your partner question your hygiene and hesitate to jump in bed. Vanessa Marin has some advice on how to determine whether your bedroom and/or apartment is an environment conducive to making love.

Just stand in front of your room and take an honest look at it. Ask yourself if this is a space you feel aroused in. The next time you're getting intimate with your partner, ask yourself: do you feel distracted? Are you having trouble getting in the mood? (...) I encourage you to consider each of your five senses and to think about how you could engage those senses in your bedroom.

In fact, sexual intercourse requires all of your senses: sight, smell, touch, sound and taste! So keep these 5 senses in mind as you look at your room and analyse your environment.

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