Sleeping with your partner could be ruining your sleep

Although in 60% of cases sleeping with your partner can be a pleasure, it can also ruin your sleep. And not because your loved one is getting too frisky.

Sleeping with your partner could be ruining your sleep
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Sleeping with your partner could be ruining your sleep

Nearly one out of every two Brits live with someone else, and at the same time share their bed with their other half. But what are the risks?

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Plus you could suffer from psychological and physical (back pain for example) problems. Further proof that the British have a real problem with sleep shows that 117 million boxes of sleeping pills are sold every year.

Problems when you sleep next to someone else

And your other half is not without blame when it comes to this sad report. Sleeping next to someone else is not always easy. Neurobiologist Joelle Adrien claims the following:

Psychologically, it's better to sleep in pairs, but physiologically, we recover better alone. Sleep is primarily an individual story, a solitary pleasure. It must be done in your own bubble, disconnected from everything.

Firstly, at night, we move around; we make about 40 to 60 movements in a night's sleep. We do not necessarily move at the same time as the other person and can easily wake them up (have you ever been slapped in the middle of the night?).

We don’t breathe the same way either, some are silent, and others snore at various volumes and vibrations. After 45 years, this is the most common complaint and these loud outbursts can cause real tensions within a couple.

Differences in temperature

Finally, we all have different thermal temperatures. If you're hot, your partner may be cold, and vice versa. Everyone has their own times when they go to bed and get up, their own habits and tastes... In short, it is not always pleasant to be disturbed while you are sleeping.

But rest assured, in 60% of cases, sleeping with someone whom you are in love with is beneficial. This causes a feeling of confidence and comfort. Couples sleeping together produce more oxytocin, the hormone of confidence, peace and love.

Platonic sleeping partners, a new relationship model Platonic sleeping partners, a new relationship model