Platonic sleeping partners, a new relationship model

Want a buddy you can sleep next to without the pressure of having sex? You're not alone.

Platonic sleeping buddies
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Platonic sleeping buddies

An increasing number of people are deciding to fill the empty void in their heart, and bed, by looking for a sleeping partner. No, this is not a late night booty call because there is nothing sexual about this activity. You spend some time together, share a bed, and leave the sex behind.

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Demand for cuddle buddies

In the world of dating apps, sex has become a huge driving factor for many users, but French app Hugmify has opened up its platform for young people who are looking for companionship in less intense ways. Their concept is rather simple—find a sleeping partner you can get to know without the pressure of having sex.

The concept wasn’t invented by Hugmify but it’s getting more and more popular. According to SocietyMagazine many singletons who feel lonely would rather have a sleeping partner that can give them warmth and comfort over sexual favours.

Users of the Hugmify app have agreed that rather than sex, they want attention, hugs, cuddles and more often just the presence of another human being. A person who practices this concept with their friends explained:

The most amazing thing is that you act as if you've been together forever, but you don't do anything. A bit like renting the situation of a couple without the corresponding constraints.

Platonic sleeping partners?

Unfortunately, psychologist Véronique Kohn has said that the trend can only compensate for loneliness for a short period of time and it is in no way a permanent fix. In her opinion, the fact that many people are looking for platonic sleeping partners probably has a lot to do with the current pandemic.

Moreover, similar to other relationship models, including friends with benefits, this one could also end in heartbreak if only one party catches feelings.

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