This sex position will make your pleasure last all night long

Everyone wants sex to last longer! Well, have we got the position for you!

This sex position will make you last the longest yet!
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This sex position will make you last the longest yet!

Everyone with a penis knows this issue all too well. You’re having a great time in there, but then, nature starts to call a bit too early for your liking. No shame! It’s something that is totally normal in the heat of the moment. However, there are ways that you can take more control over yourself and stay in the action longer!

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You may have tried any combination of tactics to extend your session. There’s visualisation, breathing and muscle exercises, and even desensitising spray. While those are all valiant strategies, the key to lasting longer could also be in changing up what positions you use!

Let us give you one that will be sure to drive you and your partner crazy!

It’s time to take a knee

Want to last longer in bed? Try this steamy position!  Getty Images

This position may seem a bit unconventional at first, but trust us when we say that you will want to go back to it again and again! Here’s how you can get into it:

The receiving partner lays on their back, legs splayed. The penetrating partner gets on both knees and scoops their partner up from under their butt or thighs to lift their pelvis up to their own. From there, enter from the front and start grinding!

This position is great because the angle means that the penetrating partner is not able to go for lengthy strokes. Their member is pressed up against the G-Spot, and with the way the limbs are angled, it’s perfect for using that leverage to continue to grind on that spot.

Extra tips

If your partner has a vagina, then they will love the sensation of all that pressure on the clitoris! For the penis owner, this pressure combined with shallow stroking will mean that this position will help with lasting longer. Take it slowly and passionately, or switch it up and grind hard and fast.

There it is! A position that is great not just for lasting longer, but also for giving immense pleasure to both partners. Other methods may help, but sometimes you can last longer just by switching it up and mixing in some positions that keep it hot without going too fast. Slow it down, and take a knee.

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This sex position will intensify the pleasure that will last all night long This sex position will intensify the pleasure that will last all night long