This sex position will give you maximum pleasure if you and your partner are of different heights

Are you and your partner different heights? Then you need to know about this sex position!

Try this sex position if you're different heights
Try this sex position if you're different heights

How often in life do you end up dating someone the exact same height as you? How many couples do you know who are the same height? While this does sometimes occur, it's unlikely that you have many examples to pull out of your sleeve...

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Height difference in dating is quite normal and usually does not incur too many awkward moments. However, every now and then we are faced with some logistical challenges when it comes to our loved one. The difficulties of having a major height difference in a relationship can be demonstrated by the challenge posed by kissing alone. Sex is a whole other tricky situation to consider, with aspects like limb and torso length also playing a contributing factor to your set-up.

So, no matter what you're working with, this fully modifiable sex position will get all couples to the height of pleasure (wink wink):

Adjustable Doggy

Doggy is a global favourite when it comes to sex positions, and for good reason. Not only does it provide great internal stimulation and the opportunity for deep penetration, but it can also be adjusted to suit any height combination between you and your partner, who knew? So, if you want to give it a go, follow the tips below for your ideal body placement:

How to do it

There's no way you're too tall for this sex position! Getty Images

The receiver can change their height in two ways. Firstly, if you're trying to make yourself taller, rather than staying on all fours, lie your torso and arms flat on the bed while pushing your bum high into the air, as if you're doing a puppy pose in yoga. This should create a 45-degree angle (of sorts), elevating the height of penetration.

If you need to lower the point of penetration, however, tuck your knees further up towards your chest while stretching your arms out in front of you (if yoga positions help you visualise: this one is child's pose!)

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This sex position will guarantee pleasure for all heights This sex position will guarantee pleasure for all heights