Here's how to keep your long distance relationship spicy

Long distance relationships don't need to be boring thanks to these spicy ideas designed to get you both in the mood no matter where you are!

How to keep a long distance relationship spicy
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How to keep a long distance relationship spicy

Long-distance relationships can often leave people feeling frustrated or sad about the lack of quality (or sexy) time they are able to spend with their partner.

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So to make your long-distance love life a little easier, here are some fun ideas that'll spice up your LDR from afar!

Start watching a sexy tv show together

Being apart from each other doesn't mean you can't enjoy a remote Netflix and chill session together! Start watching a new sexy TV series together and you'll soon have a lot to talk about.

Video chat drinking games

Why not get your buzz on (and the endorphins flowing) by playing drinking games on video chat? It's sure to lead to a fun night filled with laughter, deep meaningful chats, or even one of the following ideas.

App-controlled sex toys

Want to spice up your long distance relationship? Here's how! Getty Images

A different kind of buzz...with app-controlled sex toys, your partner can vary the settings of your vibrator from anywhere in the world, letting you feel your partner's presence even if you're touching yourself.


Not able to spend enough physical time together to work through all your fantasies? Telling your partner what you'd like to try in a racy text will get both excited about planning your next visit!

Phone sex

If you're feeling more adventurous, up the ante by having phone sex! If you're new to phone sex, start with the same principles as dirty talk: tell your partner how they make you feel or how you want to make them feel. If you're feeling comfortable, you might even want to try mutual masturbation or an app-controlled sex toy whilst still on the phone.

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How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship