10 (Very) Unusual Places to Have Sex This Summer

If you’re looking for a way to make your summer hotter, here’s a list of places you can visit if you fancy adding a bit more spice to your sex life. Keep reading to discover 10 unusual places that would make ideal places to get down and dirty.

10 (Very) Unusual Places to Have Sex This Summer
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10 (Very) Unusual Places to Have Sex This Summer

Because sometimes the same old same old gets a little boring, why not try out some new ways to get busy with your partner while the weather's nice?

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Beach huts

One of the only places you can be completely out of sight on a crowded beach in the middle of the day. This fairly small space is perfect for having a bit of fun without being seen. In terms of positions, let’s just cut to the chase. Blowjobs and doggy style would probably be the easiest positions for such a confined space.

In a pool … on an inflatable

For those of you who like having sex in the water, here’s a good way for you to spice things up. One of you could sit or lie on the inflatable and let the other do their thing. We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

On a boat: canoe, yacht, pedal boat

After a long boat ride on the water, sometimes all you want is your partner. So why not get away from the busy tourist areas and the shore and travel a bit further? We suggest slow, intimate and tender sex here, just so one of you doesn’t end up falling overboard…

On a rooftop

Did someone say ‘rooftop’? After a lovely evening with your partner, why not end your night on a rooftop watching a beautiful sunset? This would be worthy of some of the greatest romance movies. So why not give it a go yourself?

In a supply room

After your boat trip, which maybe you couldn’t finish off the way you wanted to, you might then find yourself in the boat's supply room putting all the equipment back when you think ‘why not?’ Go for it!

In the showers at the campsite

Yes, we know, this isn’t the most romantic location. But when you’re camping with your friends or family, it can be nice to get some alone time with your partner. So why not head for the showers? Just don’t forget your flip flops!

During a hike

Some people find making love in the open air to be quite exhilarating. After having spent hours trudging through the mountains or by the sea, sometimes all you want is to relax. So why not pop behind a tree for a while!

In the toilets at a museum

This is the perfect place for those who aren’t afraid to get caught. Between the cameras and the museum curators, we suggest you stay on your guard. And it would probably be best not to make much noise as well.

In a tent

Tents seem like quite a cozy, pleasant place to add to this unusual list. In private, you can really get adventurous with your positions without having to worry about anyone discovering you. But beware of the heat as it can quickly get quite stuffy in there…

Behind the rocks at the beach

A word of advice: keep your shoes on. The advantage of this place is that it is quite easy to hide and generally, apart from crab hunters, no-one really goes down there.

Just make sure you don’t slip!

We hope you have a great summer! Check out the video at the top of this article for more details.

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