8 Unusual sex practices from around the world

Sex has a place in every culture worldwide and as such, there are various out-of-the-ordinary sexual practises and adulthood rites are practised throughout the world.

8 Unusual sex practices from around the world
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8 Unusual sex practices from around the world

Experimenting with different things in our bedroom is a common way to spice things up in life. Trying out different sex positions or playing with sex toys is both exhilarating and bizarre. Relationships benefit from experiences like these because they help maintain the spark and pleasure.

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However, several unusual sex practices from all over the world will surprise and startle you. It may be difficult to believe, but the concept of sex varies greatly depending on where you are on the planet.

Armpit flavoured apples

Young women in rural Austria perform a traditional dance in which they shove apple slices under their armpits. After the dance, the women approach the man they admire and offer him a slice of cake, which he accepts. This behaviour suggests that the man is constantly seeking sexual satisfaction.

Semen Drinking

Boys and girls in the Sambian tribe consume the semen of the tribe's most powerful warriors. This is done between the ages of 7 and 10. They have piercings and nasal bleeds throughout this time. It's a long-standing custom.

Wife Sharing

Polyandry is practised by various Nepali communities, and they have a limited number of people in some parts. To avoid having too many children for their restricted fields and properties, all of the brothers share one lady.

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Masturbate Openly

The Nile's flow was said to be caused by their Egyptian deity of creation's ejaculation. Pharaohs would masturbate publicly into the Nile to guarantee that there was enough water for cultivation.

Judgement for men

In the Wodaabe tribe, men perform acts and are judged by a panel of three women. Other female observer, pick their favourite and tap him on the shoulder. Even if they already have a husband, the chosen one becomes their new one.

Love huts for teenage girls

The Kreung Tribe of Cambodia constructs love huts for the teenage girls of their community. Interestingly, different boys spend successive nights here until the girl finds a perfect spouse, whom she declares to be the love of her life.

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No kissing

Kissing is unsanitary for the Tonga tribe because it includes coming into contact with another person's saliva. Even though Western culture has made kissing appear to be the norm, researchers have discovered that kissing is considered gross by more than half of the world's nations.

Do not have sex

In South Africa, there is a polygamous civilization that prohibits daytime intercourse because humans would otherwise act like dogs. They also avoid having sex in the middle of a storm, after having a horrible dream, or after the husband has killed a python, crocodile, or hyena.

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