Libra season: This is how it will affect your sex life

Will Libra season bring us that much needed revamp of our sex lives?

How libra season will affect your sex life
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How libra season will affect your sex life

It's safe to say that Virgo season has been tough for us all. Having spent the past month getting organised and putting a strenuous effort back into your work and personal life, thankfully its time to lighten the load! Starting on 22nd September, its Libra season, and with this air sign comes some levity in life and love. But what does this mean for your sex life?

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Libra season and your sex life

If one astrological sign represents relationships, its Libra! After all, it is not accidental that Libra season coincides with cuffing season... Now is the perfect time to couple up with a new flame or take your current relationship to new levels, particularly in the bedroom!

According to astrologist Inbaal Honigman 'virgos don't like anything to be too excessive. They're not really into having more than two glasses of wine with dinner, or more than the basic sexual positions' whereas Libra's, as lovers of all the earthly pleasures, like to be a little more risqué in the bedroom. This means that this month, expect your sex life to start sizzling!

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How to channel Libra energy

Want to capture libra's sexual energy? Prioritise ultra pleasurable sex positions that let you be the pillow-princess you deserve (like the lesser known 68 position or spooning sofa sex) and don't be afraid to bring some fancy props like massage candles and velvet handcuffs into the bedroom!

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