These sex positions are most likely to give you a UTI

Sex is all fun and pleasure until it brings on complications with it. Here are some sex positions that increase the risk of a UTI for you.

These sex positions are most likely to give you a UTI
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These sex positions are most likely to give you a UTI

What’s a woman’s worst nightmare? – a UTI! While it can happen to anyone anytime, it’s mostly common for a woman to be a problem right after a steamy sex night. The Sun confirms it’s because the bacteria that live in the genital region transfer easily to the urethra and cause the infection. As such certain sex positions can directly increase the chances of getting a UTI. Sex expert Ruby Rare told the publication:

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The general rule is that positions with greater friction between bodies equals a higher chance of UTIs.
While the act of grinding up against your partner can be incredibly pleasurable, it’s the grinding movement that can spread bacteria more easily.

Here are the sex positions that can most likely give you a UTI the next morning:


The simple and ever-so-reliable sex position puts a person's urethra and their partner's penis too closely together. This forms an easy passage for the bacteria to travel to the urethra, bladder or kidneys making it one of the most infection-prone sex positions.

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Giddy up, not! The cowgirl sex position demands one partner to sit on the penetrating partner's lap and get on with it. However, this position as well puts the genitals in too close contact which can increase the risks of infection.


One of the most popular myths is that UTIs can only happen through penis penetration, however, fingers can do the trick just as well. Hands come in contact with a lot of dirt on a daily basis and some of it often stays on for longer. So, you can only imagine how risky this is.

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Anal sex

Just like fingers, anal sex is as risky as it gets. Ruby confirms:

Anything that’s been in and around the anus needs to be washed thoroughly before it makes its way to the vulva and vagina.

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