These sex positions will hit the G spot every single time

Hit your G spot every time with these stimulating sex positions!

The best sex positions for hitting you G spot
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The best sex positions for hitting you G spot

The G spot is a part of the female that to this day remains shrouded in mystery. Despite claims that it is a myth, it is generally agreed that the G spot is not a stand-alone piece of anatomy, but an area of the vagina where the clitoral structure can be stimulated from behind. Although not every vagina-owner may experience this sensitivity, if you're looking for your G spot it is typically located 2-3 inches inside the vagina on front wall.

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Although G spot orgasms are rarer than their clitoral counterpart, we've found the sex positions that'll hit the spot every time!

1. The snake

The snake is a variant of doggy style where the G spot owner lies stomach down while their partner lies on top of them and enters from behind. This position provides the perfect angle for stimulating the front wall of the vagina. Even though your partner is in charge of depth and speed, you can adjust the angle by raising your hips or by putting a pillow underneath your hips. Or you can experiment with closing and opening your legs to create different sensations.

2. Girl on fire

This sex position, however, gives the G spot owner total control. Likecow-girl, but with a twist, the girl on fire has you sitting astride of your penetrating partner and leaning backwards (supported by your hands on their legs) to create a 45 degree angle / you feel pressure on the front wall of the vagina. Pro-tip: using a curved strap-on makes this position easier to achieve!

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3. Gee whiz

The gee whizz takes G spot stimulation seriously. It if in the name after all! Lie back and raise your legs until they are resting on each of your partner's shoulders. This position narrows the vagina, helping to target the G-spot.

4. Rocking horse

To get into this position, the person who is penetrating sits cross-legged and leans back, while their partner sits on their lap facing them and places their legs behind their back. Not only does the angle of this position allow for G spot stimulation, but easy access to the clitoris for manual stimulation at the same time!

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