These sex positions will guarantee satisfaction if you love dominating others

Want to include some power-play next time you heat things up? Try these two sex positions and your inner dominatrix is sure to come out!

Bring out your inner dominatrix with these sex positions!
Bring out your inner dominatrix with these sex positions!

Have you ever thought to explore your dominant side in bed? Well, taking the reins can be extremely enjoyable for both you and your partner, and if you've never done it before, it can be an exciting and intimate way to change up your sexual menu.

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Dominant sex positions sound a lot more intimidating than they are. All you're really doing is making your pleasure and your partner's pleasure your prerogative rather than a shared responsibility. Although the word 'dominatrix' might come with associations like paddles, pain and pleather, taking a dominant role in bed only has to be as kinky as you're comfortable with. And, as always, consent is key: make sure to communicate your desires to your partner before initiating sex, and choose a safe word together to bring the action to a halt if necessary.

So, if dominating someone is new to you, here are two easy sex positions to help you enjoy the world of power play!

1. Crouching Downstroke

A great way to take control during sex is with this squatting cowgirl position. Rather than kneeling over your partner's body, position yourself in a squat (feet planted on either side of your partner's hips). This position gives you far greater control over the speed and depth of penetration (and makes bouncing up and down much much easier!)

You'll also have free hands to pleasure yourself at the same time, play with your partner's nipples or hold their hands above their head!

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2. Face sitting

Now, if the crouching downstroke wasn't enough, what better way to show off your dominance than by face-sitting? Pretty self-explanatory, face-sitting is when you receive oral sex while your partner is lying back andyou're kneeling over their face. With when they can start/stop in your control, your partner is at the mercy of your pleasure!

Why not make this position extra spicy by talking dirty to your partner while they're going down on you?

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These sex positions will guarantee an orgasm if you love being dominated These sex positions will guarantee an orgasm if you love being dominated