Here's why you should never poke holes in your sausages before cooking them

Barbecue season is upon us! As the sun makes its intermittent appearances, we love to have a sausage or two sizzling over the coals. Be careful, however, not to make this common mistake when cooking.

Here's why you should never poke holes in your sausages before cooking them
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Here's why you should never poke holes in your sausages before cooking them

Temperatures have been hitting some highs in the UK this summer, with heatwaves and rainstorms taking turns to feature on our weather forecasts. Some of us have been having trouble sleepingwhile others are trying to stay hydrated but are unknowingly drinking the wrong drinks - these are three popular drinks that are deceptively dehydrating.

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While us Brits are not so used to the hot weather, that's never stopped us from having an outdoor barbecue before. But before you light up the coals for your next gathering, remember to avoid making this rookie mistake.

A BBQ, the star of every summer meal

With its lively discussions and endless laughter, the barbecue is the undisputed master of all summer evenings. Whatever the occasion, we take the opportunity to bring out our best cooking partnerto offer summer specialities and refreshing drinks to our guests. And while some prefer the vegetarian option, others love the taste of a steaming, grilled piece of meat.

Everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to how best to cook meat on the barbecue. Is it better to prick your sausages before grilling?Well, according to The Guardian, the answer is a definitive no.

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Why are we not to prick our sausages anymore?

The Guardian explains that people often poke holes in their sausages before cooking them for fear of an exploding dinner, or at least a split sausage. However, the publication claims this is an outdated concern and is not worth running the risk of ruining your BBQ.

Their reasoning is twofold: firstly, putting holes in your sausages lets the fat run out very easily and could result in a dry mouthful of meat; secondly, puncturing the sausages could actually have a negative effect on their flavour.

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What's the best advice for a successful barbecue?

For a top-quality barbecue, it's essential to avoid buying cheap sausages, even if it means cutting back on quantities. You'll taste the difference between a fatty cheap sausage, and a better quality one from the butcher.

You also have to be attentive and alert as the official sausage-turner of a barbecue. You can't just plonk them on the grill and head off for a drink. Make sure you watch out for any burning or uneven cooking.

Good Food's advice is to cook your sausages over a low heat. This will avoid splitting and - hopefully - overcooking. If you have the patience, let them rest before you dig in. This will result in the juices redistributing and will ultimately give you a more succulent mouthful.

Happy grilling!

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