Here's how to sleep like a baby during a heatwave

In the summer heat, deep sleep is a real challenge - and yet it is even more necessary! Here's how to keep cool and sleep like a baby during a heatwave!

Sleep like a baby during a heatwave, here are our tips
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Sleep like a baby during a heatwave, here are our tips

This is something that we all know: during the summer temperatures rise and at night you toss and turn until all the sheets are on the floor. But that doesn't have to be the case! We have a few tips for you.

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Preparation is key

In order to get ready for sleep during a heatwave, preparation must start during the day.

Firstly, you should close your windows and darken your room as much as possible.Keeping the blinds and curtains closed during the day will prevent your bedroom from heating up. Also, an old tip that we like consists of placing a bucket of ice cold water in front of your fan during the night. That instantly cools down your room!

We also advise that, for your bed, you choose linen made of very light cotton. You can also put them in the refrigerator before going to bed so that they are nice and cool. Or you can do without the comforter altogether and use only the bed sheet for covering.


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Tips for you

Now that your room is as ready as it can be, you need to prepare yourself. Drink plenty of water. It is during a heat wave that you realise how much of a best friend your bottle of water is. If you drink enough, you will prevent dehydration which will help you sleep. We also suggest that you keep a bottle of water nearby - the fresher the better!

During a heatwave, what you eat also had its importance. Opt for fruits, vegetables, fish, and white meat during meals. Those foods are easier for your body to digest. Overall, it's also recommended not to eat three hours before going to bed.

Other things you can do

Staying fresh during a heatwave is very hard and while we have given you tips about how to make sure you and your room are cool before bed, there are other things that you might want to try.

  • Showers: taking a cool shower before going to sleep can help lower your body temperature. For it to work, the water should be cold or at most lukewarm.
  • Have a fan in bed: this is a good tip but be mindful that the fan isn't directly pointed at you. Small tip, put a bowl or a towel with ice in front of the fan to get the effect of an air conditioner.
  • Switch off electrical appliances: cell phones, laptops and any other device that emits heat. You can't use them during a heat wave, so turn them off - it's better for your sleep anyway!

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