Avoid these 8 things for a good night's sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia? Here are the 10 things that could stop you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Want to get a good night’s sleep? Avoid these eight things
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Want to get a good night’s sleep? Avoid these eight things

We’ve all been there. You’re about to go to sleep, but no matter how tired you are, it’s impossible for you to drift off. Find out below what could be making it difficult for you to fall asleep.

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Some medication can have secondary effects that could affect how well you sleep. If you have been taking medication for a while and you’re finding it difficult to sleep, it’s likely that this is the problem. Consult your doctor to try and find an alternative treatment.


One of the biggest factors that can disturb your sleep is stress. It’s impossible to fall asleep if your mind isn’t at ease. You might be dwelling on the problems of the day, either consciously or subconsciously. Therefore, it’s important to try and remove everything that is bothering you and find a solution for whatever it is. If you are still feeling worried, try and take some time for yourself by maybe doing some meditation or yoga.

Electronic devices

Some electronic devices like mobile phones, the internet modem or the television aren’t amazing if you’re trying to sleep. It’s not just the brightness and noise that can stop you from falling asleep, but also the waves that these devices emit. Try to keep your bedroom completely free of all electronic devices or put them on airplane mode!

Food that is too rich

We’ve all been there. Eating foods that are too rich before sleeping isn’t the best idea. It makes digestion more difficult because the food is heavier, has more calories and has more sugar. The best thing would, therefore, be to eat a lighter meal or have a smaller, rich meal preferably earlier on in the evening!

Intense physical activity

Doing exercise is good, but it’s not ideal for evening or night time. Intense physical activity like Zumba or cardio can make falling asleep difficult. Your body is still in a strong dynamic place and your body temperature is higher, which is complicated if you’re trying to fall asleep. You should leave at least 3 hours between exercising and going tobed.


Bedding is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. If your mattress or pillows are too old, it might be time to change them. You should also change your sheets regularly; you’ll sleep better in a fresh and clean bed.


Drinking alcohol on an evening can also affect how well you sleep, especially when they are paired with energy drinks. You might think that it will help you sleep but this soporific effect only works for the first few hours. The rest of your sleep will be disturbed and broken. Therefore, it would be best to avoid alcohol when you can, or at least consume it in moderation.

Similarly, energising drinks such as coffee and green tea can stop you from falling asleep.


To get a good night’s sleep, you should avoid rooms that are too hot. The body finds it easier to fall asleep when the temperature is lower so you should maybe think about airing out your room an hour before you go to bed for a better night’s sleep.

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