These sleep habits are unknowingly ageing you

While sleep is the restorative time of our day, it could be damaging if you indulge in this bad habit.

sleep aging bad habit
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sleep aging bad habit

There are many things we consistently indulge in that have an ageing effect, from overdrinking to smoking and eating processed foods. Sometimes we are aware of the damaging nature of our proclivities but there are seemingly innocuous things we default to that may be more damaging than we believe.

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We all know sleep is the most restorative time of our day; resting and recovering ought to renew energy and mitigate the damage we inflict on our bodies on a daily basis. However, not all sleep positions are created equal as some add onto the damage they are supposed to alleviate.

Poor sleeping positions

Sleeping on one’s side or stomach puts the face in direct contact with pillows making the pressure generated by resting your head on this surface concentrated on the area of your face making contact. If you are a habitual side or stomach sleeper odds are you spend a significant amount of time in these positions putting your face under a consistent amount of pressure that compresses the skin. This stress over a long period of time will likely have an effect and start to create wrinkles on one side of the face. Furthermore, this ageing effect is not exclusive to the face but extends to the neck and chest.

What can you do to minimize the damage?

Taking care of your skin means implementing new habits and staying consistent. Adopting a proper skincare routine is a must; an SPF should be worn daily no matter the season and a moisturizer should always be applied. Other complements such as serums could be used but that remains optional. Another non-negotiable is sleep: 7 to 8 hours daily is a must as it will not only allow your skin to flourish but it will also benefit your entire physical and mental well-being, it is recommended to use silk pillow covers which are less abrasive on the skin than cotton ones, body pillows could also be used to ensure you don’t default to sleeping on the side. Your diet is another piece of the puzzle, avoid overly processed and sugary foods. Eating a balanced diet of healthy protein, fat and a moderate amount of carbohydrates will do wonders for your skin and your overall quality of life.

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