Heatwave hack: how to sleep through the night without using a fan

This summer, make your bed cool and breezy with this easy TikTok trick.

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The sun is back, temperatures are soaring, summer is finally beginning to make an appearance and boy are we glad. It’s been a drab of a year and this season is known to lift up heavy hearts. However, with the shine of summer also comes not-so-pleasant experiences that sometimes make us wish that the heat would just go away—especially when we’re sitting on our beds with our feet soaked in ice cold water.

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Every year during the summer, we've battered with heatwaves which also bring about incredibly hot nights. Many of us end up tossing and turning in bed, unable to cope with the stuffiness of the heat but this TikTok trend will allow you to cool down your bed instantly. And no, you don't need a fan!

Falling asleep when its hot

Not everyone in the UK has the luxury of sleeping in air conditioned rooms and many of us don’t even have fans to cool things down at night—and it might be for the better because they dry out the skin and even affect the sinuses if used for a long period of time. So what else can you do to sleep in peace?

Cool your bed with a hot water bottle

That may sound confusing but this ingenious tip will make your summer nights way more comfortable. TikTok user Sam Batterson, a resident of the UK, shared with her followers her unique method of beating the heat. She explained that you should use a hot water bottle but fill it up with cold water in the morning. Then place it in the freezer for the entirety of the day.

An hour before you plan to go to bed, place this mega ice cube on the mattress so that it can refresh your sheets. When you finally tuck yourself into bed, it’ll be cool and relaxing. Of course you can always keep the ‘hot’ water bag on your bed throughout the night.

The ultimate trick to stay cool in your sleep without a fan or air conditioning The ultimate trick to stay cool in your sleep without a fan or air conditioning