Easy Laundry Hacks

Laundry isn't everyone's favourite chore but we've got some simple hacks that will make it much easier. Click through our gallery to start simplifying your laundry today.

Easy Laundry Hacks
Easy Laundry Hacks

Easy Laundry Hacks

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1. Chalk: Use a little chalk on grease stains before putting it into the washer.

2. Black pepper: Add a teaspoon of black pepper to your wash to stop colours bleeding. This works best with dark-coloured clothes.

3. Salad spinner: Use a salad spinner to remove excess liquid from clothes that you can’t put in the tumble dryer.

4. Lemon: Brighten up your whites by boiling them with a sliced lemon. As a bonus your house will smell great too!

5. Towel: Add a dry fluffy towel to your load before starting the tumble dryer to make your clothes dry faster.

6. Tennis balls: Add two or three tennis balls to your bedding in the tumble dryer – they’ll dry faster and be nice and fluffy.

7. Aluminium foil: Use a ball of aluminium foil instead of a dryer sheet. You can use the same one for up to six months.

8. Lemon juice: Get pit stains out of shirts by applying a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda to them an hour before washing.

9. Aspirin: Another way to stop whites getting dingy is to add an aspirin to your wash. Click here to find out more.

10. Hairspray: Use hairspray or hand sanitizer to remove ink stains.

11. White bread: Do you have lipstick stains on your favourite blouse? Blot them with a piece of white bread before putting in the washing machine.

12. Hair conditioner: Did you accidentally shrink your favourite top? Try soaking it in lukewarm water and hair conditioner for a few minutes.

13. Organisation: Create a basket system to separate your washing. Remember, whites go with whites, delicates go with delicates, and so forth.

14. Chores: Have everyone in the family take responsibility for putting away their own laundry with a sorting station.

15. Dry-wipe marker: Write reminders of clothes that can’t go in the washer/dryer directly on top of the appliance with a dry-wipe marker.

16. Vinegar: Adding white vinegar to your washing machine has many benefits. It will remove unwanted odours and help keep your machine clean. Click here to learn more!

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