Here's the easy hack to open a soda can without ruining your nails

There is actually a very easy hack you can use to open a soda can without completely ruining your manicure every time.

Here's how to open a soda can without ruining your nails
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Here's how to open a soda can without ruining your nails

With temperatures soaring this summer, many of us have upped our soda consumption. There's nothing like popping open a can of something cold to feel fresh during a hot sweaty day.

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But if you have just got your manicure done, it can be a royal pain to try and open soda cans without completely ruining your nails. Again, there are those of us who just can't seem to open a soda can without hurting our hands and nails. Here's an easy hack to open your soda cans effortless and sans any harm to your nails.

Yes turns out much like, hack to make the perfect fried egg, or 'genius' hack to cut onions or even to clean windows to leave them streak-free, the internet has the perfect answer to fix life's little annoyances.

Easy hack to open your soda cans

TikToker @jordan_the_stallion8 stitched a video to another TikTok, that asked viewers about something they found out later in life that they should have known earlier.

The response by Jordan included some illuminating information about soda cans as well as an unbelievably easy hack to open them.

Jordan explains that the circular bottom of soda cans with a slight ridge is shaped that way to keep carbonation intact. But it could also be used for another crucial purpose.

Jordan explains,

When soda cans were created in 1958, they didn't look like this. You want to know why?
These soda cans are multi-purposeful, meaning that you can stack one on top of the other. It's not a coincidence why they all stack so perfectly on top of each other.

He then proceed to show how you can stack a soda can on top of another, and use the soda can above to open the soda can on the bottom.


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Jordan elaborates on it saying its the best way to open your soda can if you don't want to mess up freshly manicured nails, or simply if you find opening soda cans with your hand difficult. He says,

If you just got your nails done [and] you don't want to mess them up, or it hurts your fingers to try to open them by themselves, just take a soda. Put it on top, and open it with another soda. Try it out.

For this hack to work, the bottom ridge of a soda can need to be perfectly aligned with the soda can on the bottom. Then raise the soda can on top such that its bottom ridge latches on to the bottom soda can's pop tab. As you pull the top can, the bottom can will open with the pressure.

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Reactions to the soda can hack

The hack has proven a success! TikTok viewers loved it. One commented surprised,

The fact I actually went to try this and it worked

Another shared how they have been coping with soda cans before this hack saying,

Yas! I just started getting nails done, and I’ve been completely at the mercy of my husband to open all of my cans

Another quipped,

Lol why did my jaw drop and he make it look so easy?!

Fans also appreciated the creator's overall content, where they share unique perspectives on everyday things. One popular comment stated,

EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on this page he teaches me something new. Man has done more for me then all 13 years of school

Did you know about the soda can hack? Will you be trying it out if you just learnt it?

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