Easy tricks to manage your boob sweat

Boob sweat can make for an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation to be had. Leave it to the women of the internet to tell you how to get rid of it!

This is how to manage your boob sweat
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This is how to manage your boob sweat

As scorching hot temperatures have become commonplace with the current heatwave taking over the UK, women on social media have come forward sharing their best tips on how to manage boob sweat!

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Use a panty liner!

So what's the best way of dealing with that uncomfortable and sticky sweat that accumulates under your breasts? As it turns out, one very efficient way of keeping dry is to stick a panty liner inside both cups of your bra.

Although it may sound like an unusual hack, ladies all over the interwebs swear by it! One such believer in the DIY trick explains that in order for the hack to work you have to make sure you put the 'sticky side to the bra, absorbent side to the boobzicle.'

Personally, I've always used odd socks that we all have lying around from time to time.Works an absolute treat... the bra line holds it in place, truly it does!!!

Before adding:

Then I change it every 4 or so hours depending on how hot it is etc. You'll be surprised how hot and wet the sock will be to touch, yet there's not an ounce of sweat or soreness under the boob.

Breastfeeding pads and baby talk works wonders too!

Finally, it seems repurposing pregnancy items also does the trick, even if you are not expecting. One women commented how using breastfeeding pads works wonders while another one raved about baby talc.

She explained how as the baby range product is used to absorb moisture and to keep skin comfortable and dry, it also works surprisingly well to keep that area of your body sweat-free. Best part of it all, its super affordable!

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