Try these 3 makeup tips if you have combination skin

Combination skin can be hard to handle! But fear not, just follow these tips for flawless makeup

3 makeup tips for combination skin
3 makeup tips for combination skin

Following a skincare routine customised to our skin type has become second nature to most of us by now, but did you know that the makeup you wear should be suitable for your skin?

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That's right, whether your skin is oily, dry or something in between, your skin type should influence what type of makeup you wear, as well as how and where you apply it.

This is especially true for those with combination skin, where some parts are oilier, others drier. Meeting all of combination skin's varied needs can feel tricky, but, these tips will help make applying make-up that lasts just a little easier:

Twice the prep

Finding a primer that does it all for combination is nearly impossible. So, to make sure your skin has both hydration and oil control where needed, we recommend using two primers to make your makeup last all day. For example, if you have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, apply a mattifying primer on your T-zone, but a hydrating primer on your cheeks. This allows you to address all of your skin needs whilst creating an even base for makeup.

Look for longevity

If have combination skin, long-wearing, waterproof, and transfer-proof formulas are your best friend. These products typically come as a liquid, so application is important. Rather than using a foundation or blusher brush to apply your liquid makeup products, opt for a damp beauty sponge as the brush bristles can cause dry skin to flake. A damp beauty sponge, however, allows for even application of the product across your different zones and helps to prevent the appearance of heavy makeup even with a long-wear formula.

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Try it translucent

Knowing how to set your makeup when you have combo skin can also lead to much confusion. In this instance, it's best to opt for products that increase longevity once again, like a setting powder. However, pressed powders can often be too drying for combo skin, so opt for a loose translucent setting powder which won't accentuate your dry patches!

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