Save money and make your beauty products last longer with these easy hacks

We love makeup hacks, and we love helping you save money! So here's a few tips we love that make your makeup products last longer.

Save money with these makeup hacks
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Save money with these makeup hacks

Experimenting with makeup is one of life's small joys. However, changing up your look or even just making sure that you're stocked with the makeup products you love can be expensive and time consuming.

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So, to help make your products stretch a bit further (and to give you some ideas on how to achieve different looks with your current products), we've found some of the best tips to try:

1. Refresh clumpy mascara

Mascara has an annoying tendency to dry up well before the tube is empty. If this happens to you, all you need to do is add a few drops of saline solution and mix it into the remaining product to re-wet it using the mascara wand!

2. Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

While this tip won't make your products last longer per se, its useful to know in case you run out of eyeliner and are unable to replace it (or its perfect if you love the look of coloured eyeliner but don't want to splurge). Simply wet a small angled brush,dip it into any powder eyeshadow and draw your eyeliner!

3. Don't line your lower lashes

For an up-to-date make-up look that also saves on product, only line your upper lashes with eyeliner. Lining all the way around the eye (unless you're intentionally going for a smokey eye look) can actually make eyes appear smaller. Instead, winged or half-wing eyeliner is far more flattering and stylish!

4. Make your own tinted moisturiser

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Who doesn't want a fresh faced glow, especially in summer! But save your money for your holidays rather than forking out for a tinted moisturiser by making your own! Just mix equal parts foundation and moisturiser for a your-skin-but-better look, or if you want some extra glow, swap out/add in some gel bronzer.

5. Get out the last drops

Lastly, get the most out of your liquid makeup products like foundations, concealers, and lipglosses by investing in a makeup spatula. When you're nearing the end of your product, this handy little tool will help get out the last few drops—you'd be surprised how much is still in there!

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