Save money on energy when you put up your Christmas lights with these hacks

Christmas time is light time. Find out here how you can still save on your extravagant festive lighting.

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You don't necessarily have to start the holiday season with your lights on low. If you keep a few things in mind, you can have a well-lit and cosy Christmas despite the constantly rising electricity prices (and no, we don't recommend switching completely to electricity-free candlelight!).

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Electricity prices reach dizzying heights

According to Forbes, electricity prices on the stock exchange literally exploded at the end of August. This was due to the lack of gas supplies from Russia. So why is the price of electricity on the exchange important? It is paid by electricity suppliers when they have to buy electricity on the exchange at short notice.

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The same source continues:

This can happen, for example, if they have not calculated their long-term sold electricity quantities correctly. The electricity price on the exchange is (currently still) based on the most expensive type of production, and that is electricity from gas-fired power plants.

Electricity suppliers often pass on higher prices to consumers. The good news is that prices have been falling again since September. A price break is also being discussed.

Try these substitutes instead

With the following tips from the consumer advice centre, you are still on the safe side and also usually more sustainable!

  • Pay attention to watts: When buying new lights, go for low wattage and favour LEDs. They consume the least energy and will be with you for a long time.
  • Avoid batteries:Battery power tends to be much higher, depending on the battery. If you want to avoid expensive hazardous waste, give batteries a wide berth.
  • Colour temperature: This is expressed in Kelvin (K). Contrary to popular belief, LEDs can also provide beautiful light. Choose lamps with less than 3,000 K for warm white, yellowish and cosy light.
  • Switch off sometimes: The lights can be switched off when no one sees them or when you are out of the house. This can be easily controlled with a timer.
  • Go for solar power: Solar power needs neither external power nor a timer.

This article was translated from Gentside DE.

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