McDonald's employees reveal the simple hacks to save money

Several employees provided tips on how we can improve the quality of our fast food experience. Check it out!

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From secret menus to money-saving hacks, here are some of the ways you can make your next trip to McDonald's even better...

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Customise your food

The is the best way to improve your experience at a fast-food restaurant. If you ask them to add additional vegetables to your hamburger then they will prepare it fresh instead of taking it off the rack. Another example, if you ask them for chips without salt then they will have to fry up some new ones.

Ask to prepare your food differently

If you ask them to dice the tomatoes on your burger instead of slicing it then they will have to prepare a new one. Or if you order eggs then you then ask them to prepare it differently instead of scrambled. According to some employees, the scrambled eggs are not always the best in terms of quality.

The Happy Meal

The happy meal is very popular on the menu and if you don't need the toy then tell them. They may reduce the price of your meal and you will have extra money flowing in your wallet.

Ask for the receipt

Asking for a receipt at a fast-food restaurant is not common and if you ask for one then the employees might think you're a mystery shopper, therefore, the quality of your food will be much better.

Check out the video above for more tips and tricks!

Saving McDonald’s receipt can save you a ton of money with this hack Saving McDonald’s receipt can save you a ton of money with this hack