McDonald's: These are the healthiest menu items to order revealed by dietician

If you want to eat healthy even in a McDonald's, this is what you should be ordering.

These are the healthiest McDonald's items to order, according to a dietician
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These are the healthiest McDonald's items to order, according to a dietician

McDonald's is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, with their menu items being a ruling crowd favourite since decades now. The biggest issue with McDonald's though is that it is not really the healthiest food choice to make. If you want to eat healthier versions of their foods, making McDonald's double cheeseburger at home or to make McDonald's chicken nuggets by yourself might be the best way to go.

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The second best would be to consider what you order at McDonald's and try and choose healthier options from their menu. As reported by The Sun, a dietician has some timely advice for McDonald's fans who don't want to compromise on eating healthy even when they are indulging in their favourite fast-food.

Seems like you don't have to sacrifice McDonald's even when you're on a healthy journey  Gabin Vallet

Why choose healthier options at fast-food spots

The Sun published the opinions of Emily Leeming, a dietician from King's College London, who stresses the fact that we should be less occupied with calories and more with the nutritional value of a meal.

She advises people to 'focus more on what will keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer.'

The chief danger with fast-food is that it is difficult to say what the food is made of, and therefore how long it could keep our body energised. The dieticians states,

Don’t fixate on calories alone from the menu as even food options that are lower in calories might not actually keep you feeling full and energised if they are highly processed.
Usually, this is when it’s difficult to tell what a fast food meal is made up of.

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To eat healthy at McDonald's you might have to forgo some of your favourite menu items Thabang

McDonald's items to order as per dietician

Here are the items you should be ordering at McDonald's next time you want to pick healthier options as per the dietician,


McDonald's breakfast menu contains many delicious options. However, porridge might be the healthiest out of them all. The dietician advises,

Start your day with oats. They contain a particular type of fibre called soluble fibre which can keep you feeling full.

Apple & Grape Fruit Bag

This is a healthy, as well as low-calorie snack addition to go with your porridge.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad contains lettuce, tomato slices, cucumber and red onion rings and is topped with grilled chicken breast. This is a super healthy lunch from McDonald's, as per the dietician, since

The fibre and protein from the veggies and chicken will slow down how quickly your body digests your meal, giving you more stable energy levels throughout the day.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap - Grilled

A wrap is also a delicious and healthy lunch option. The dietician stresses,

An easy way to pick options is to go for one where you can visually see there's plenty of salad and veggies, plus a protein source like grilled chicken

Side Salad

A side salad with your meal, instead of fries guarantees nutrition, keeping you energised and full for longer.

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