McDonald's in trouble?: Fast-food chain hit with complaints over size of burgers once again

The question of whether McDonald’s burger sizes have shrunk has surfaced on the Internet as customers took to Facebook to voice their complaints.

Customers think McDonald’s has shrunk its burgers
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Customers think McDonald’s has shrunk its burgers

Mcdonald's remains one of the biggest burger chains in the world. However, it has managed to ruffle some feathers in the past month. First, as reported byCNBC, McDonald's raised the price of its McDonald's Cheeseburger in the U.K. for the first time in 14 years, and this week, it is facing the heat again for allegedly shrinking its burger sizes.

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Are McDonald’s burgers becoming smaller in size?

TheDaily Mail reported how a disgruntled McDonald’s customer took to a Facebook group to voice their thoughts, asking:

Have Mc Donald Filet-O-Fish always been this small? I don't remember it being mini, kid-size like this?!

This comment generated support and agreement from other similarly dissatisfied customers. As stated by Daily Mail, one of them said,

We had Big Macs last week. Not only have the buns shrunk but the meat patties were so thin we could see literally through them. Was as if they had sliced them in half.

Another customer added,

Just like the Quarter Pounder got its name as it was a quarter pound of beef, it’s barely that now.

Oo, yall remember my McDonald's experience I posted right? Well I got a response from the manager: Manager: Thank you,...

Posted by Nina Street on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

McDonald’s denies claims by customers

McDonald’s has responded to Yahoo News Australia to deny the claims, with their spokesperson stating,

We are committed to offering our customers great quality, great value burgers featuring 100 per cent RSPCA Approved Chicken and 100 per cent Aussie beef.

This is not the first time that questions about McDonald’s serving size or portions have been raised. Earlier this year, Washington Postreported that McDonald’s and Wendy’s, another popular fast-food joint, were being sued for not being fully forthcoming about the value of the food they were serving customers.

This is not the first time customers have raised questions about the size of McDonald's burger SOPA Images

The 35-page class-action complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York alleged that these restaurants were duping customers by misinforming them about the size of their food. The complaint stated,

[Wendy’s and McDonald’s] advertisements for its burger and menu items are unfair and financially damaging consumers as they are receiving food that is much lower in value than what is being promised,” the complaint says.

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