McDonald's: From Christmas to New Year, here are the holidays the fast-food chain is closed for

From Christmas and New Years, to Easter, here are the days McDonald's is shut during a year.

McDonald's : Which holidays does the fast food chain close for?
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McDonald's : Which holidays does the fast food chain close for?

McDonald’s is one of those restaurant chains that always comes across as open. Dedicated to the best customer service, McDonald’s chooses to remain open most of the time, like the star it is. Usually, open throughout the week, be it day or night, Monday through Sunday, McDonald’s makes its warm welcome known even during most holidays, as seen in its advertisement and news, unlike most restaurants.

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It might seem like McDonald’s never gets some rest time and shut-eye from its bustling crowd during any holiday, always dancing its way into its fans' hearts. But a couple of times a year, they are just strictly not open to the public.

There are some days of the year when McDonald’s chains are said to strictly remain closed. So if you are wondering what days McDonald’s is open/closed, what its timings are like, what are the rare days it shuts for a holiday, does it stay open for Christmas, and other such news, then you’re in the right place.

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Here are some days in which McDonald’s makes a change in operating hours services strictly as compared to other fast-food chains and restaurants.

Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year see different timings in different chains, taking into account the city you live in. McDonald’s officials said that it is strict that it remains open for New Year's day, Halloween, Valentine's day, and other holidays, so put on your dancing shoes for those days. But the chain is strictly closed on Christmas and Easter Sunday. So yes, don't try to bank on spending Christmas day at McDonald's instead of at home.

The Queen's funeral

Who would even think that McDonald’s would remain shut on a Monday? But that Monday did come in September this year, taking into account the Queen and her funeral. The world lost Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on September 8 2022, and McDonald’s took this chance to pay respects to Her Majesty Queen on her funeral day, which was attended by her family, including Harry and his star wife Meghan after Harry quit his royal duties. On 19th September, McDonald’s UK remained closed to honor Queen Elizabeth at her funeral. The Queen’s funeral, that was on a Monday, was also deemed a bank holiday in the UK. And the fast food chain and banks remained closed on this September day, unlike ever before, only to pay respects to the Queen.

The Queen's funeral Laura Lezza / Getty_Images

London saw a completely different day unlike anything ever seen before. The family of the Queen was extended condolences by many big brands, and stores. This did make big news in London. A similar event took place during the death of the King Consort, keeping in mind his family, Prince William, and Harry. And stores and shops in London will take a different approach on the new King's coronation day. There was an advertisement from McDonald's to keep the public informed.

McDonald’s timings

But despite these mentioned holidays, McDonald’s almost always remains open, as shown in its advertisements. Some countries just choose to close the store on Thanksgiving, but many shops remain open through all hours of the day, come Monday to Sunday serving great food. All of its locations are supposed to start opening at 5 AM, to start out on its breakfast menu, but the time will greatly depend on the opening hours of the said city. McDonald’s stays open seven days a week, and many outlets remain open 24 hours a day. But, some outlets just close by 11 PM and the restaurants come clean about this. This will depend on the location, type of outlet, and the policy of the country it is operating in.

McDonald’s timings Horacio Villalobos / Getty_Images

But on the days that it is shut, they make sure to give the right kind of advertisement to its fans. The free advertisement is marketed extensively and informs the public about their absence. Similarly, the events that take place in the world cup also adversely affect McDonald's outlets. Its timings, hours, and holidays are dependent on the matches, and who is taking the cup home and dancing in the air. McDonald's always does an advertisement, and it is the best way to stay on track with its timings, its world cup offers, its free promotions, and other city-wide events.

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