McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items of the fast-food chain

Despite McDonald's having a different menu in every country, some items are super-popular. Here is a list of the best-selling items.

McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items
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McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items

McDonald’s menu, as unique as it is, has some global favorites that are popular. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as you can’t go wrong with a burger or sandwich that has chicken, beef, cheese, egg, or bacon. In the case of McDonald's, they take their food to a whole new level with onions, lettuce, a juicy patty, a soft bun, sausages, and its signature sauce. Special mention to McDonald's tasty McFlurry, its unique use of sausages, spicy filet, and its cheeseburger with onions and fries.

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McDonald’s menu often changes depending on which part of the world you’re viewing it in, whether you’re in New York City or Tokyo. But favorites like the Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder (with bacon), hash browns, fish burger, and the crispy chicken sandwich burger always triumph. And the quality of the meat, be it beef, chicken filet, or even bacon is well-loved by everyone. Year after year, McDonald's adds some amazing items to their food menu that people love. But on any given day of the week, some foods just hit the sweet spots. And McDonald's surely has post-worthy food items on social media, which is a huge bonus. Here are some of the best McDonald’s menu items that score the big points for being the most popular and liked.

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Quarter-pounder, Big Mac

McDonald’s boasts a wide range of great dishes, both burgers, and sandwiches, with cheese and a sensational patty made fresh every day. The quarter-pounder cheeseburger and double-quarter-pounder cheeseburger hold a special place worldwide. PS, the quarter pounder isn't for the weak-hearted. Topped with the classic bacon-egg-cheese combo, the juicy beef burgers hit all the sweet spots.

And of course, The Big Mac needs no formal introduction. The Big Mac, chicken fillet, and filet fish, top the burger list, being global favorites. Even the chicken breakfast burger and crispy chicken sandwich get a lot of love at any local McDonald's at all points in time. The beef is truly to die for, with the right profile that customers love and is made with the right amount of spicy elements.

McDonald's Big Mac Burger S3studio / Getty_Images

Buttermilk crispy salads

Surely a salad isn't the menu item that pops into anyone's mind when you think of McDonald's. With the best spicy salad that comes with a great sauce, there are some new buttermilk crispy salads that work great as shared meals. Throw in some cheese, bacon, onions, and sauce of your choice, and you can just transform any ordinary McDonald's salad into a satisfying meal. This is the most underrated item even to this day and hits all the sweet spots with a McFlurry.

Sausage Egg McMuffin

What is a better view than the Egg McMuffin you ask? The Sausage Egg McMuffin of course. With slices of American cheese, it is the first-ever fast-food breakfast item that was introduced by McDonald’s. It doubles up as a great crispy sausage snack, given the fresh lettuce it has. This item is one of the best on the McDonald's menu, from the customer's point of view. And makes for an aesthetic Instagram post.

McDonald's McMuffin Tannis Toohey / Getty_Images

Happy Meal

With a crispy chicken sandwich of your choice, be it a Big Mac or a pounder, the Happy Meal is viewed as one of the most liked foods out there. Completed with a drink, french fries, and a quirky toy, it is every child’s (and adult’s) favorite food on the McDonald's menu every year. Customers really like the sesame-seed bun and this dish just doubles the joy of eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

McDonald's happy meal San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images / Getty_Images

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In any Instagram post shared by a typical gen-Z, you notice that sides are more popular than the mains. Whether it is spicy fries, chicken fingers, or hash browns, today’s Instagram posts shared always feature some great sides that double up as a meal. So that you don’t get your fingers dirty while you scroll and post away. This is just the perfect way to save time, while you view Instagram stories and posts from across the world. The sides, like the social media post, are best when shared.

McDonald's wraps

Never underestimate the power of a good wrap. And McDonald’s truly never does. The McDonald’s menu features some lip-smacking wraps. Customers can choose from grilled or buttermilk crispy chicken to turn into a wrap, based on what they like, and how spicy they want it. Completed with a delectable sauce, cheese, lettuce, and bacon/egg if you want add-ons, the wrap is one of the best breakfast, lunch, or snack items.

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