McDonald's: Here's when they stop serving their breakfast menu in different locations

Here's a comprehensive look at when different McDonald's locations stop serving their breakfast menu.

McDonald's: Here's when they stop serving their breakfast menu in different locations
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McDonald's: Here's when they stop serving their breakfast menu in different locations

Money can't buy happiness, but it does buy McDonald's breakfasts, and that's a close second. There’s nothing like starting a new day with McDonald’s. From the egg sausage cheese McMuffins, and hash browns, to the bagel and the sausage egg pancake combo, McDonald’s new breakfasts are a game-changer. Being a family favorite, McDonald's breakfast makes you feel right at home, with real delicious bagels, and hash browns, that please everyone.

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It is no fresh news or story that everyone is said to adore McDonald's, especially children, whether you're in Tokyo, Birmingham, or Wales. Here, adiverse menu comes into play that serves breakfast depending on the city. And, man, McDonald’s does get super innovative when servings its breakfast staples such as cheese, sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes, and, of course, their iconic McMuffins and bagels.

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The breakfast menu is sometimes available round the clock, throughout the day, all year round. Come, rain or snow, there is always a McDonald's close to home that has united people, regardless of the city they live in. But on special days such as Christmas and New Year, the outlets take a break from serving their customers. If you're reading this and wondering when exactly McDonald's opens and closes, and when you can order, you're at the best place. This is the breakfast hours of McDonald’s from across the world.


The fast-food joint rolled out a limited breakfast menu in 2015, and it has been unstoppable ever since. While some items are on an all-day menu, some of them are stopped after a certain time of the day. But again, this depends on the restaurants in the location/city you’re in, whether you're in NYC, St. Paul, or any other remote location. As per corporate, in the United States, McDonald’s stops serving its breakfast at 10.30-11 AM. Some open for breakfast at 5 AM (come snow or shine), while some just have an all-day limited breakfast menu. Being low on prices, it is the best way to save money, while fuelling yourself, despite the weather.

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Concerning the United Kingdom, a customer can expect to get their breakfast fix at McDonald’s until 11 AM. Be it their bacon egg muffin, porridge, or pancakes, breakfast is usually served as soon as the restaurant opens. In the case of the 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants, it starts as early as 5 AM. These outlets whip up sumptuous meals at odd hours, as the stores are open for business like the real game-changer fast-food chain that they are. No matter the weather, be it snow or sun, the restaurant chain always brings a family together for a wholesome meal.

From Birmingham to Wales, the outlets serve excellent meals to any man, woman, and child who place an order here.


For European countries, the breakfast time usually depends on which country you’re in. But, breakfast is available till about 11 AM in Europe. The previous cut-off time for the first meal of the day was 10:30, but as of 2019, McDonald’s changed this corporate-wide policy. With different flavors of McMuffins, such as the egg McMuffin, sausage McMuffin, and bacon cheese McMuffin, there are so many menu items for people living in Europe.

Good news for anyone in Europe reading this, as they close only on days such as Christmas and New Year. The outlets are said to play to the happiness of the customers. And serve the best food that plays a role in making children happy with the story that is created around it. Needless to say, the stores are great at reading their customers and catering to them round the clock.

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